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"The price of ignorance is slavery"
"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting." -- Buddha
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text Crossroads cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 5:37am
At some point during the course of one’s sadhana a crucial stage is reached ie, the realisation that the mind is attempting to transcend itself by entertaining concepts (mental fabrications) of the goal. This process is both circular and dangerous.
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text Pranayama cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 5:04am
Various approaches to the movement of vital force are detailed in Indian Yoga texts. For the Southern Siddha tradition pranayama is the harmonising of the vital principle that courses through the ‘system.’
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text Asana cleaves, Sunday, Jan 16 2005, 5:03am
Asana is a divine gesture assumed by the body but performed (or pre-formed) by consciousness; this ‘gesture’ acknowledges the relationship between the personal and infinite in particular characteristic ‘form’ or expression. For those who fail to spontaneously understand the above description the following brief explanation is offered.
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text Kundalini cleaves, Saturday, Jan 15 2005, 10:26pm
As a result of the widespread commercialisation of ‘Yoga’ in the US and the overnight manifestation of numerous ‘expert’ teachers, an alarming amount of misinformation and misinterpretation of Yoga philosophy has occurred. Unlike other fanciful fads, which pose no health hazard to participants, Yoga improperly taught could result in serious physical and psychological injury to the student. This is particularly the case if advanced levels of Yoga are pursued without proper preparation or expert guidance.
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