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The new face of terrorism image And its come to this: the authoritarian lunacy of procedural America ned, Wednesday, Apr 25 2012, 8:51pm
When common sense and humanity are abandoned for the sake of procedural madness society enters the realm of the irrational and entropic. The question is not whether insane ruling elites are fit to manage, quite clearly they are not, the question is to what depths of depravity and IRRATIONALITY does society reach before the population acts to remedy the situation? (story and 1 image)
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Napoleon Bonaparte image Stand Corrected, Napoleon! cid, Monday, Apr 23 2012, 5:41am
It was Napoleon Bonaparte who famously stated that China was the sleeping giant and to be aware of its inevitable awakening. However, Napoleon's perceptions were limited by the cultural consciousness of his time. China has awakened and is predictably threatening the balance of global power, but what's new? Nations rising and falling is an old story. THE SLEEPING GIANT IS NOT CHINA, but the PEOPLE, the GLOBAL POPULATION is the REAL SLEEPING GIANT today! People everywhere are sick and tired of corrupt governments and elite rule. (story and 1 image)
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image The Circular, Ineffective Discourse of the American Left rad, Saturday, Apr 21 2012, 10:55pm
During my university days I learned to emulate my Academic lecturers -- it reduced to stating the obvious in the most tortured, convoluted and obscure language possible. After I became proficient in this retrogressive art I began receiving high grades and so I continued this conscious (but ridiculous) process until I graduated -- after which time I quickly abandoned this absurd practice. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Monday, Apr 23 2012, 8:26am
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nomads.jpg image Solo Rider cubic, Friday, Apr 20 2012, 7:35am
Oz biker clubs display their minus IQ levels to society. Recent drive-by shootings involving the Hells Angels and Nomads have of course triggered the expected response, increased powers to the police, you fuckin' MORONS! (story and 1 image)
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text Revolution -- whether you like it or not! telly, Saturday, Apr 14 2012, 11:26am
Bill Ayers, formerly of the 'Weather Underground', articulates succinctly and clearly what many people know and think; for those not quite with it, watch and be educated. "It's up to us to save ourselves!" Very, well stated, Mr Ayers. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Sunday, Apr 15 2012, 12:47am
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Wayne Swan image Eunuch Oz Treasurer Wayne Swan Squeals at Banks grip, Friday, Apr 13 2012, 11:44pm
Wayne Swan, the impotent Labor Party Treasurer of Australia seems to be having some difficulty with the Big Banks yet again. He seems to have forgotten he is the representative of the people and has a mandate to regulate the banks whenever necessary -- it was Labor PM, Paul 'fingers' Keating, who deregulated the banking sector and allowed banks to rapidly increase (via parasitic fees) their wealth which they have NOT distributed fairly throughout the community. Unfair services fees, which Keating gifted banks, are nothing short of THEFT. (story and 1 image)
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Bob Brown image Oz Greens Leader 'Retires' trev, Thursday, Apr 12 2012, 11:18pm
Australian Greens leader, Bob 'poop pusher' Brown, who helped saddle the Australian people with a crucifying Carbon Tax for Wall Street Bankers, has suddenly retired from active political life. Brown, an infamous homosexual (a la Obama) and nefarious ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT supporter, is on record for (pathologically) mentioning his mother during parliamentary debates, for Christ's sake! Brown has either been pushed or has jumped ship. He and fellow Washington lackey Labor leader Juliar 'five US bases' Gillard, have become the focus of national loathing for serving foreign interests rather than the Australian people. The writing was on the wall! (story and 1 image)
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johnwayne.jpg image America Confirms Status as Land of the Moron judd, Tuesday, Apr 10 2012, 11:43pm
According to a recent poll 84% of Americans believe that Iran is attempting to develop nuclear weapons -- now, I wonder how those ill-informed idiots arrived at that conclusion? Perhaps via the same means the same idiots were led to believe that an invasion of Iraq was necessary because Saddam had WMDs, mobile chemical weapons labs and uranium centrifuges for making nuclear weapons -- none of it was true but then TRUTH is a stranger to America. (story and 1 image)
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Elizabeth Warren image Majority Desperate for Political Representation cate, Monday, Apr 9 2012, 11:09pm
Faced with the hard REALITY of minority serving puppet governments in ALL Western 'democracies,' the people are screaming for REAL representation as the stunning grass roots support for dark horse Elizabeth Warren would indicate; Warren has entered the fray in a bid to unseat incumbent conservative Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown. (story and 1 image)
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text More Counter-Revolutionary Diatribes from Chris Hedges zayn, Sunday, Apr 8 2012, 9:15am
Chris Hedges has outdone himself this time -- the video below tells the entire story, from his clearly anti-Serb stance, right down to the support he gives to the American status quo, though that support is not immediately apparent. Hedges utilises many historical icons of social change in his defeatist and PASSIVE, DO-NOTHING, toxic rhetoric. He cleverly invokes the memory of champions of social CHANGE/ACTIVISM like Martin Luther King, and Jesus Christ and makes reference to many revolutionary writers whose shoes/sandals he is not fit to clean. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Monday, Apr 9 2012, 1:13am
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text It's Thursday and ALL is NOT right with the WORLD spleen, Wednesday, Apr 4 2012, 10:18pm
Another day dawns; the USA remains the leading civilian killing terrorist nation in the world; it recently conducted a soft invasion of Australia via its puppets in Canberra; America maintains its divisionist strategies in the Balkans, the far East and all its other occupied, conquered and RUINED territories; the ICC has been exposed yet again as a thoroughly corrupt politicised and extremely partial court, it's BLIND to Israeli and American war crimes! (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Apr 5 2012, 8:16am
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Juliar Gillard -- representing no-one! image Living in your own private Labor Party baz, Tuesday, Apr 3 2012, 9:12am
The entire Australian population is AWARE of the cause of Labor's plummeting support/popularity -- really, one we would have to be retarded not to know the OBVIOUS reason behind Labor's RAPID decline! (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Tuesday, Apr 3 2012, 10:19am
national / social/political / opinion/analysis

Ireland image Cringing Anglos watch in awe as Europeans FIGHT Back staff report via felix, Monday, Apr 2 2012, 8:22pm
It should be noted that the majority of cringing slaves in mixed populations of the western world are of Anglo and Western European backgrounds. It is also true that this fearful ethnic MINORITY hold sway in most (western) governments; however, ONE very NOTABLE exception, exists, Zionist JEWS that control policy in those western governments! The social plague of subservience and the fearful slave dynamic is thus IDENTIFIED and LOCATED! The next stage is remedial ACTION or the ERADICATION of the PROBLEM! (story and 2 images)
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silenceofslaves.jpg image Understanding The Slave Mentality Brandon Smith via reed, Monday, Apr 2 2012, 7:31pm
In the initial stages of nearly every recorded tyranny, the saucer eyed dumbstruck masses exhibit astonishing and masterful skill when denying reality. The facts behind their dire circumstances and of their antagonistic government become a source of cynical psychological gameplay rather than a source of legitimate concern. Their desperate need to maintain their normalcy bias creates a memory and observation vacuum in which all that runs counter to their false assumptions and preconceptions disappears forever. It is as if they truly cannot see the color of the sky, or the boot on their face. The concrete world of truth becomes a dream, an illusion that can be heeded or completely ignored depending on one’s mood. For them, life is a constant struggle of dissociation, where the tangible is NOT welcome… (story and 2 images)
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George Galloway, astute numbers man image Dare to Speak the TRUTH and WIN! bluey, Friday, Mar 30 2012, 11:45pm
INDEPENDENT, representative of the MAJORITY, George Galloway, let me emphasise that -- I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T candidate -- though he ran under the banner of the Respect Party, was recently elected to parliament over monied, corrupt puppet politicians from the major parties! Whatever else could be said about Mr Galloway, the WORLD knows he speaks the raw TRUTH and is NOT AFRAID to do so; he is without doubt one of the few, maybe only politicians in the world today with the INTEGRITY to stand by his convictions! He serves no elitist interests and has been democratically installed into office by overwhelming public support -- a public I would add, that now sees through the LIES and corruption of the Blairs, Obamas and Gillard's of this world. The day FAST approaches when puppet politicians will be hanged for treason and their heinous crimes against HUMANITY -- you can back it in! (story and 1 image)
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Goodbye America image The Expendable American Phil Rockstroh via stan, Thursday, Mar 29 2012, 9:54pm
Although I have resided in New York City for many years, I was born in the Deep South. On a daily basis, I negotiate Manhattan’s gridded streets and avenues, yet, in many ways, the terrain of my heart still winds like an Indian trail through a pine forest. I visit the south on a regular basis; the stain of red clay will never be scoured from my soul. (story and 1 image)
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text Don’t Kid Yourselves! barra, Thursday, Mar 29 2012, 8:12am
Society has always reflected the mass consciousness -- in all its beauty or ugliness, whatever the case may be. ‘Subscribers,’ members of society reinforce its values either positively (support) or negatively (acquiescence or ineffective opposition). Surely it would be the height of absurdity to oppose what you essentially are by negative ‘reaction’ or violent opposition! But that is PRECISELY what the US executive and other puppet authorities do for their ruling Banker and Corporatist masters. In fact, ignorant ruling powers are fighting forces they have created themselves with outrageously unfair, inequitable and imbalanced ‘solutions.’ A house divided cannot stand – the house today is of course humanity living on this tiny planet. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Thursday, Mar 29 2012, 9:22am
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text Obama Blows It Big Time -- Microphones can be Deadly mike, Wednesday, Mar 28 2012, 8:30am
The media and a host of others are calling this revelation (see video) a "gaffe," it may be many things but a gaffe it is NOT! Call it what you will but it constitutes proof of orchestrated elections and a pretend democracy in the USA. Yes, there really is a ruling elite above the President and thanks to an audio technician's oversight, the WORLD now knows that the US presidential elections are a farce and a FRAUD!
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Assange image Assange 'would' run for Senate seat as 'Libertarian' wonder boy, Tuesday, Mar 27 2012, 9:47am
In a recent interview for the SMH WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is known to make empty threats if it gets him a headline, vowed to push for more open government and personal liberty for citizens in his bid for an upper house seat, Assange also accused the two major (bought) parties of failing the nation and the Australian people, doh! (story and 2 images)
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text Clarke and Dawe Hang Banking Sector up to Dry dasha, Monday, Mar 26 2012, 10:40pm
No intro required; enjoy and come to the understanding that it is the criminal Banking and Corporate sectors that own the two major political parties.

Western 'democracies' have been hijacked and puppets installed as leaders, Obama and Gillard especially, can no longer hide that fact -- the Internet has simply made that knowledge widely accessible.
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