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tsunami_9.jpg imageaudio 7.2 Magnitude Huge Earthquake Rocks Japan Glenda Kwek via reed, Tuesday, Mar 8 2011, 8:57pm
A 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of Japan this afternoon has triggered a small tsunami, but with no reports of damage. The quake hit at 1.54pm about 169 kilometres off the city of Sendai in northern Japan at a depth of 14 kilometres. (story and 2 comments and 1 image and 1 audio file)
Last Commented Thursday, Mar 10 2011, 6:52am
international / environment / other press

text Crime and Punishment in the US Military Ann Wright via gan, Tuesday, Mar 8 2011, 10:05am
Army Private Bradley Manning faces a death sentence while an Army Specialist who mutilated the body of an Afghan civilian gets “supervised chores”
international / injustice/law / other press

Ducks weeding Rice Paddies imagePDF Document Eco-farming can double food output -- UN Alister Doyle via stele, Tuesday, Mar 8 2011, 9:46am
OSLO, March 8 (Reuters) - Many farmers in developing nations can double food production within a decade by shifting to ecological agriculture from use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, a U.N. report showed on Tuesday. (story and 1 image and 1 attached file)
international / environment / other press

Gillard, corporate lackey image Oz PM on way to Carbon Tax Hell quill, Monday, Mar 7 2011, 9:34am
Lying bitch Oz PM, Julia Gillard – ‘my government will never introduce a carbon tax’ – has taken a predictable hammering in the latest polls; primarily as a consequence of her LACK of INTEGRITY regarding introducing a Carbon Tax; notwithstanding her shameless kowtowing to Transnationals, Banking and other Corporate interests. (story and 3 images)
national / social/political / other press

Ernesto 'Che' Moore image Michael Moore addresses the ‘whipped-dog,’ moronic, paralysed, AMERICAN masses Michael Moore via stan, Sunday, Mar 6 2011, 8:58pm
Contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you'll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your great-grandparents had, America is not broke. Not by a long shot. The country is awash in wealth and cash. It's just that it's not in your hands. It has been transferred, in the greatest heist in history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the uber-rich. (story and 2 images)
international / social equality/unity / other press

'Day of Rage' Protesters in Iraq image Western Media Blackout on Second National day of Rage in Iraq Dirk Adriaensens via stele, Saturday, Mar 5 2011, 6:59pm
It will soon become apparent to the entire WORLD, regardless of all the feeble attempts by the western media to suppress the Truth of over one million civilian deaths, a HOLOCAUST by definition, 5 million displaced persons and a ruined state.

The West's attempts to Balkanise Iraq -- fragment a single nation into numerous, powerless statelettes for easier 'management' -- HAVE FAILED, as the IRAQI PEOPLE realise their only hope for future peace, stability and PROSPERITY is UNITY of will and purpose.

The Iraqi people today vigorously oppose all corruption, puppet government, geographic and social divisions within their nation and will continue to RESIST until ALL FOREIGN CRIMINAL INVADERS have been removed from THEIR traditional lands.

Be advised all western occupying criminal forces responsible for numerous war and other crimes committed against the Iraqi people that your days in Iraq are numbered!
(story and 1 image)
international / social/political / other press

Morons, David Letterman and Paris Hilton, will they 'float?' image You can't have your CFR and eat it too! gan, Friday, Mar 4 2011, 9:25am
Hillary Clinton, herself a CFR protégé, admitted openly that US mass media is substandard and American news networks do not broadcast real news! No doubt CFR members, Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch and other media owners/magnates will be impressed over the remarks of ingrate Clinton. [It was the CFR that determined to marshal and shape the US mass media into what it is today.] (story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Friday, Mar 4 2011, 9:36pm
international / mass media / other press

text Liver, not brain, source of Alzheimer's staff report via quill, Thursday, Mar 3 2011, 5:26am
A new study has suggested that the plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease start in the liver and not in the brain—completely altering scientists' ideas about the disease. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Sunday, Mar 6 2011, 6:59am
international / health related / other press

text The Genitals or the Box-Cutters - that is the Question for America’s TSA baz, Thursday, Mar 3 2011, 12:02am
TSA personnel -- who clearly require psychological testing and competence training -- have no problems fondling the genitals of strangers who refuse deadly, airport X-Ray scans, BUT they FAIL in their PRIMARY TASK of detecting weapons in hand luggage! I mean, this level of incompetence is even beyond that of personnel that walk the corridors of the White House and the Pentagon.

How many civilians have we murdered in illegal [Corporate] wars today, Barack?

international / human rights / other press

Another 'honourable' Corporate War for Fools image More Corporate Oil Wars AFP wire via baz, Tuesday, Mar 1 2011, 9:33pm
The West is edging closer to military action against Muammar Gaddafi as the United States says 'air strikes will be needed to secure a no-fly zone over Libya,' [at whose request?] as regime forces tried to retake a key city. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Wednesday, Mar 2 2011, 8:10am
international / imperialism / other press

text The Global Financial FRAUD Hon. Paul Hellyer via stan, Tuesday, Mar 1 2011, 8:44pm
The Hon. Paul Hellyer, P.C. former Canadian Minister of National Defence delivered this address at Fort McDowell Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona, 26 February, 2011.

The world financial system is a total fraud. It is one gargantuan Ponzi scheme, no better than the one Bernie Madoff used to swindle his friends and neighbors, and thousands of times worse if you add up the total number of victims it has ripped off over countless generations.
international / imperialism / other press

Frank Lowy and John Howard, thick as thieves image Infamous TAX EVADING Shopping Mall Magnate [maggot], Frank Lowy, hands reins to sons sonny, Tuesday, Mar 1 2011, 7:10pm
Czech-born Jewish refugee, Frank 'tax is for gentiles and suckers' Lowy, is handing control of his giant shopping mall group, 'Westfields,' to his sons, Steven and Peter. However, the Australian public will remember scumbag, TAX EVADER, Lowy, for his political connections to the previous Liberal government. When Lowy found himself making front page news for tax evasion, he appealed to then PM, John 'deputy sheriff' Howard and the matter was quickly backgrounded and quietly dealt with. Liechtenstein banks are forever grateful to John Howard for the vast amounts of tax evading money they hold for the semitic Lowys.

The day fast approaches when ALL criminal Corporatists, Banksters, Mining Execs and corrupt politicians will be hanging from light poles -- you can back it in. The people are NOT mocked!
(story and 1 image)
international / injustice/law / other press

text Doco on Wall St Crooks Wins Award Mary Milliken via stele, Monday, Feb 28 2011, 6:42am
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Inside Job," a film blaming financial institutions for triggering the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, won the Academy Award for best documentary on Sunday.
international / mass media / other press

100 meters wide and 3 kilometers long. (Photo: El Comercio) image Large crack opens in the earth in southern Peru staff report via baz, Sunday, Feb 27 2011, 11:54pm
A number of geophysicists and others have predicted that the earth will undergo drastic geological upheaval in this period. Recent quakes in New Zealand signal events on opposite side of Pacific, as is the usual case with these movements.

According to predictions, Etna and Pele are the main indicators. Soothsayers and scientists seem to agree that we are in for a 'big one' and it ain't gonna be pleasant. Drastic pole shift scenarios are also predicted, in which case entire continents could be flooded overnight. Apparently the earth undergoes these 'cleansing periods' when man's perversity gets out of hand. If that is the case it's gonna be a rough ride. [Inaction from the people brings its own reward!]
(story and 2 comments and 2 images)
Last Commented Monday, Feb 28 2011, 6:12am
international / environment / other press

anonflag.jpg image ANONYMOUS targets Tea Party funders, Charles and David Koch Stephen C. Webster via anon, Sunday, Feb 27 2011, 10:00pm
The decentralized protest group "Anonymous" has a new target: no, it's not a middle eastern dictator, a major bank or even a bit player in the military-industrial complex. It's none other than Tea Party financiers Charles and David Koch, an open letter stated -- for their attempts "to usurp American Democracy," with money we presume! A little late for that, ANONYMOUS; Corporatists OWN Capitol Hill, lock, stock and barrel, just ask house slave, Baa' raack Obaa' maa! [Edited;] (story and 1 comment and 2 images)
Last Commented Wednesday, Mar 2 2011, 7:15am
international / social/political / other press

image The Pentagon Needs More Wars Paul Craig Roberts via reed, Saturday, Feb 26 2011, 6:48am
CORPORATE puppet, President Obama, stated openly that the US is looking at all options including military intervention in Libya. So concerned is he over a few thousand casualties that he threatens military invasion -- GIVE THE WORLD A BREAK! There's the 'little' matter of over ONE MILLION DEAD CIVILIANS in Iraq -- the first holocaust of the 21st century -- which the USA is DIRECTLY responsible for; it is now public record that the invasion was orchestrated and based on LIES. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Feb 26 2011, 8:59pm
international / imperialism / other press

text High Ranking former CIA agent Labels US Gov as FASCIST John Pilger via stan, Friday, Feb 25 2011, 8:09pm
Shortly after the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I interviewed Ray McGovern, one of an elite group of CIA officers who prepared the President’s daily intelligence brief. McGovern was at the apex of the "national security" monolith that is American power and had retired with presidential plaudits. On the eve of the invasion, he and 45 other senior officers of the CIA and other intelligence agencies wrote to President George W. Bush that the "drumbeat for war" was based not on intelligence, but LIES. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Friday, Feb 25 2011, 9:36pm
international / peace/war / other press

text America’s Inverted View of Terrorism Asif Haroon Raja via quill, Tuesday, Feb 22 2011, 9:29pm
As Paul Craig Robert states, 'hypocrisy in America is now so commonplace it is no longer noticed.' In the USA if a person tortures a dog he is sent to jail, but a government functionary indulging in torture against fellow beings is ignored. (story and 1 comment)
Last Commented Wednesday, Feb 23 2011, 5:46am
international / peace/war / other press

text Scientists concerned by high number of baby dolphin deaths in Gulf Karen Nelson via stan, Tuesday, Feb 22 2011, 8:46am
GULFPORT -- The industry’s leading scientist on marine mammal strandings is concerned about the deaths of baby dolphins. Blair Mase, NOAA’s marine mammal stranding coordinator for the Southeast region, confirmed that the number of baby dolphin deaths is high.
international / environment / other press

Raymond Davis, captured CIA Murderer image Criminal Drone attacks on Pakistan Cease as Chidanand Rajghatta via rani, Saturday, Feb 19 2011, 6:14am
WASHINGTON: A mysterious halt to U.S Predator strikes on Pakistan after the Raymond Davis incident in Lahore has led to intense speculation the American 'diplomat' was connected to the CIA Drone program even as Washington and Islamabad are going eyeball-to-eyeball over his status. (story and 1 comment and 1 image)
Last Commented Saturday, Feb 19 2011, 8:58pm
international / peace/war / other press

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