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Modern In-Dependence
by Tobias - suv Saturday, Apr 10 2010, 12:01am
international / prose/poetry / literature

A Steep Step under

Being Fish

Fish dreaming
Fish dreaming

Imagine a world
in which you are a Fish, not human.
You gather, hunt & lacerate the pray
& have many such perfect days.

Purposeful & reasonable,
gliding through the water,

a shadow-figure
appearing at the ponds edge
throwing something white
strange in shape & bland of taste
sinking to the bottom
waiting in the current.

At a later time
we will call it bread & think "it's fine"
even make it a staple upon which we'll all depend.

The Shadow continues reappearing
with his filling morsels
from sources unknown.

Soon you become dependent,
fed until fat
moving slowly in and out of bed.

No need to hunt or gather,
until all discipline is drained.

You forget the old ways,
those precious knowledge filled days.
Fading images of Elders
waiting for the dead to come,
too sad to go on.

Seemingly unfair, then suddenly,
the Shadow turns & walks away.
Abundance gone, never to return.

However, Independence only sleeps
wake it up & step real steep.
No need for stuff from somewhere else,
be aware,
everything speaks of prolific potential
in our world.

it is around you, here
lets make it happen in this Sphere.

[Thanks to the inspiration from the traditional guardian of this land,
the Originals]

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