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"The same Self is in everybody" -- Vijnanabhairava Tantra
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We're all in It for the Experience
by Tobias Tuesday, May 11 2010, 7:03am
international / prose/poetry / literature

Just another thought

Whenever you think a thought goes,
it doesn't.
It's energy, information
that sometimes even makes you cry.

Missing the unknown,
I close my eyes & realize
it's all around me at all times.
Well, sometimes too confronting
I turn quite shy.
Why is it I Love?
I appreciate, acknowledge
& participate.

Yet so different a cup,
full, but not quite.

Where does this curtain,
this foggy layer originate?
Shall I blame it, just in this case
on World governments interfering face?
Or simply close my eyes,
not miss, not turn, still shy
and take responsibility for those lies.

Where to put 'em, what to do
not real sure,
I'll find a cure?

Cannot ignore the factual Way,
seeing both Symptom/Deficit & it's growth.
Taking Action is an answer...

Only the belief in consistency
dries your tears.

So wait, hang around,
keep on trusting, manifesting
& creating.

Passion will get you
somewhere soon,
but keeping it real
further away still.

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