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Flagrant US RACIST Propaganda
by van Monday, Mar 28 2011, 9:30pm
international / mass media / commentary

The 'Chinese Professor' going viral

With God on their side regardless of how many innocent civilians they murder or 'legally' torture, every American knows they are justified in doing anything they choose -- criminal or otherwise. When reason and LIES fail to sustain the argument/myth 'they' resort to the most outrageous racist propaganda seen since the anti-semitic attacks on the Jews by the Nazis. The video below has gone viral for a number of reasons but its overtly racist message is without doubt a calculated inclusion -- there were many ways of delivering this message without the need for OVERT RACISM so we must ask the question, WHY?

It would assist if we look at the reality rather than the propaganda/fiction.

Consider the number of military interventions America has undertaken during the past fifteen years and then take a long hard look at the reactions of China and Russia, a military alliance in the position to stop America in its tracks if it so chooses.

Consider the Balkan intervention first, a model for future invasions/interventions --the Libyan intervention today follows the Balkan model exactly and furnishes proof, even as I write! Understand that Yugoslavia was a TRADITIONAL ally of Russia and China, two nations that could have easily assisted their tiny ally and prevented its takeover by Western forces -- however, NO DECISIVE ACTION from either!

From that first trial run in the Balkans by the USA; testing the formula and gauging international reaction, away America went, murdering and plundering with IMPUNITY ever since! When States confront each other there is no LAW other than OPPOSITION from other States based on military might; the Sino-Russian military alliance could have easily prevented the USA and its pissweak allies from attacking far weaker nations. The relative peace during the cold war offers the best evidence of a standoff under the threat of mutually assured destruction or MAD.

However, the world has changed dramatically since the cold war -- Russia and China are able to resist but for all intents are IMPOTENT, cowardly 'superpowers.' They are economically and militarily able to oppose any nation but, as is painfully EVIDENT today, they do NOT for very good reason and it has little to do with perceived military strength or inferiority, both nations are fully CAPABLE of OBLITERATING the USA if they wish.


Your leadership regardless of which nation you live in, is a sham! [Other] Stateless and Borderless powers (guess) control the GLOBE and present the ILLUSION of opposition to the masses INCLUDING the use of blatantly racist propaganda, which the included video portrays so well.

While people are so easily led, divided and manipulated they will never know real FREEDOM -- ask yourselves WHY NO RESISTANCE FROM the Sino-Russian pact since the Balkans through Central Asia and now North Africa? Because all nations are forced to do BUSINESS and TRADE in a GLOBAL environment and guess which forces control that game -- the Stateless Transnational Corporatists and Bankers?

All these video/media tricks are distractions designed to manage the masses of the WORLD, as the ONLY thing that REALLY FRIGHTENS the CRIMINAL CABALS that run the game is a GLOBAL POLITICAL AWAKENING; POPULATIONS everywhere waking to the FACT that governments of whatever 'flag' or 'ideology' are all SLAVES to BIG MONEY INTERESTS -- the same as those attempting frantically to implement a PENALTY CARBON economy as I write.

While the people remain DIVIDED they will never know peace. I am speaking from an INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE -- as WE are ONE, G-L-O-B-A-L-L-Y. All people everywhere united are not easily manipulated with racist tricks and other DIVISIONIST policies but stand UNITED INTERNATIONALLY via BORDERLESS DIGITAL MEDIUMS, which the powers are learning (fast) to use to THEIR advantage.

They are using this medium to maintain the current status quo of MASS INTERNATIONAL SLAVERY and social control, and recently, to effect 'social revolution' in nations whose resources they wish to plunder.

I leave you to analyse this video as an informed detached observer -- not a mindless moron -- and arrive at your own conclusions.

We are the masters of the digital age and we are able to unite GLOBALLY and remove the criminal filth from OUR seats of government if we stand UNITED.

This is not a dream it is a realisable REALITY -- it's a simple matter of UNITY and CHOICE.

I'll see you all when you tire of the facile divisionist tricks and tactics and the senseless, NEEDLESS KILLING, mayhem and destruction the cabals use to maintain their sinister control.

We are ONE, or we are nothing -- the choice, as always, is OURS!


The Chinese Professor


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Blame-Shifting for Dummies
by castrato Tuesday, Mar 29 2011, 5:00am

As the Banksters Corporate War against Creation continues, the castrated Amerikan Lemmings need someone else to blame for the logical results of their own prostitution and Enslavement to said Corporate Banksters.

Hey, I know, let's blame the Chinese!

Blame-Shifting  works every time.

China is accused of hacking emails of Oz PM and other Ministers
by hilarity flinton Tuesday, Mar 29 2011, 8:03am

AMERICA 'oddly enough' recently alerted the Australian PM that her and other senior ministers' email accounts had been hacked.

Without providing any proof whatsoever, China was accused of the hack attack, hmmmm! The US has always disliked Oz's strong economic ties with China -- can we help it if all the real action is in Asia and the Americans are only surviving on unpegged, worthless paper money printed on demand by the Fed?

The Oz population is not so gullible but we can't speak for PM Julia Gillard and her moron ministers.

Considering the paranoia in America at the moment regarding China's ascendancy, we take all such Groundless accusations with a grain of salt -- until of course the CIA and/or the NSA is able to OFFER substantial PROOF!

But 'who needs proof,' screams Rupert Murdoch, 'we have an agenda!' Roll those presses the population needs a bogeyman to fear and hate, just make sure the story drips with racist innuendo!

accurate variation
by pete Tuesday, Mar 29 2011, 8:13am

If America concentrated on the real enemy, Banksters and Corporates, the majority of social and economic problems would be solved overnight.

by yard Tuesday, Mar 29 2011, 11:25am

as a measure of American pan imbecility, the entire nation from left to right continues to regard Obama as some sort of leader when the REALITY couldn't be more clearly defined; Obama leads nothing in his own right, he does what he is told, period.

When most American commentators admit that Wall St, the Corporations and the Banks control everything political in the USA, including the Pentagon, some progress may be achieved.

This recent video is a typical example -- Obama is p-e-r-f-o-r-m-i-n-g as he has always done. the speech was SCRIPTED FOR HIM by the real powers that have their designs on the largest oil reserves in Africa.

The real power is WALL STREET and the WORLD knows it! One wonders to whom the clowns that present Obama as a real leader are addressing, cos it surely is NOT the aware GLOBAL majority.

Every time this LYING faggot speaks his insincerity speaks much louder than his empty words -- what a THOROUGH, HOPELESS, HOMOSEXUAL, P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C FRAUD he REALLY is. He is detested for his insincerity more than Bush was for his imbecility.

On the bright side Obama is the last 'leader' in Wall St's deck -- they have no idea what to present next. Unrepresentative government is creating a tidal wave of discontent that is likely to eradicate every Executive and Corporate director on the planet -- sounds extreme doesn't it? well, its the reality the insular elitists have created for themselves, by their persistent, transparent attempts at mass deception.

the people will reclaim their societies and nations soon enough -- it's an inevitability -- and few would be surprised at the fate that awaits the Corporatists and their political puppets.

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