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Bin Laden media Circus backgrounds NATO/US War Crime
by bluey Monday, May 2 2011, 10:09pm
international / mass media / commentary

While the mindless and severely uninformed American public lap up the flood of spin and propaganda relating to the orchestrated death of CIA asset Osama Bin Laden, the FREE WORLD remains acutely aware that this staged event occurred directly after the UNDENIABLE, unmandated, FAILED assassination attempt on a foreign State leader, which resulted in the deaths of three children under the age of twelve. There is no escaping responsibility for this brazen crime.

The Libyan (oil) intervention was touted as a ‘humanitarian’ exercise; however, NATO and US DRONE civilian-killing air strikes soon trashed that feeble excuse. The raid on the compound that killed three innocent children and other civilians was an obvious ASSASSINATION attempt gone wrong – I would add that assassination remains a crime in every state and international jurisdiction -- and ‘regime change’ is inherently an ILLEGAL activity according to every LAW in existence!

While mindless Americans rattle their vacuous heads in unison with orchestrated mass media rhythms, the AWARE global population is fully cognisant of the fact that the current media circus relating to Bin Laden is designed to DISTRACT and background the crime of MURDER. The overwhelming GLOBAL majority stand FIRM on the ISSUE and are not duped or deceived by FEEBLE American marketing attempts at a diversion and distraction -- the FREE WORLD DEMANDS ACCOUNTABILITY for the heinous CRIMES COMMITTED by US and NATO forces.

It’s really very simple, a crime has been committed, the identities of the perpetrators are known and the LAW should be ENFORCED. This is an INTEGRITY TEST for all those criminal States and biased Institutions that scream blue murder but are guilty of the offence themselves. The WORLD will either witness continuing corruption, at the highest levels, or more Madison Ave. “perception management” tricks in order to avoid RESPONSIBILITY.

The targeted murder of children and civilians is an INDEFENSIBLE CRIME, pure and simple.

A sobering exercise at this time is to compare the number of civilians allegedly killed by Bin Laden with the number KNOWN to have been slaughtered by the US in its criminal resource wars of acquisition. Bin laden is accused, and I stressed accused, of killing under five thousand individuals while the USA is DIRECTLY responsible for a million soul holocaust in Iraq, four million innocent peasant and civilian deaths in Indo-China and thousands more in Central Asia, Latin America and other regions of the world. Furthermore, UAV/Drones in operation today, by nature kill far more innocent civilians than combatants – the craft is indisputably a war crime weapon that should be banned by International Authorities.

The REAL star-spangled terrorists are starring the world in the face. And the glaring COWARDICE of Russia and China on the world stage is becoming the brunt of jokes. Nevertheless, the GLOBAL MAJORITY are NOT deceived – it is they that will eliminate the tiny criminal cabals that control our UNREPRESENTATIVE governments.

Be encouraged by the increasingly desperate media charades and the feeble attempts of minority elites to cling to power – it is all unravelling as I write.

I would remind Banking and Corporate cabals that the US population does NOT reflect the mood, tone or social/political awareness of the GLOBAL MAJORITY; however, as America is the home of DENIAL, feel free to live in your delusions; it allows greater mobility and affords the forces of JUSTICE great opportunity.

Btw, Bin Laden was YOUR creation from the start; you have more to fear from REAL opposition than you know!

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