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The Digital Front Against Ruling Criminal Cabals
by fagan Tuesday, Jun 21 2011, 9:14am
international / mass media / commentary

We are Many -- We are One -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

In characteristic fashion, hacker groups are joining forces to 'serve it up' to criminal Banksters and polluting, murdering Corporatists. Anonymous and Lulzsec announced they have joined forces in order to increase their impact and ability to intervene into 'secure' Corporate and Bank systems. The aim of the alliance is to obtain sensitive data that conclusively reveals the criminality of mega Corps and Banks -- the two largest corrupting influences in the World today.

Recent successful hacks on mega Corps, Banks and 'Intelligence' agencies not only make plain the ineptitude of those institutions/organisations but reveal to the public the most effective Front against the criminal cabals that would lord over the entire world if we allow it.

The war will be won or lost in Cyberspace -- a mystery field to most but a very familiar theatre to skilled hackers. Cyberwar is the ultimate Asymmetric warfare in that skill and speed prevail over every other force.

Mass murdering, criminal governments and the Corporatists that control them are aware their days are numbered -- in vain do they attempt to master the new warfare. There is no closing the yawning skill-gap between the opponents -- suck on that REALITY you criminal bastards.

Report for the ABC (Oz) follows:

Lulzsec teams up with Anonymous
by Nick Ross

After a brief spat where the notorious Anonymous hacking collective sniped at Lulzsec, the 'upstart' hacking collective, for crowing about low-rent Denial of Service attacks on the CIA and 4chan websites, the two groups have apparently teamed up.

A release from Lulzsec, which is reprinted below, announces Operation Antisec. This new operation asks people to hack government information and deface internet enemies with the word Antisec. The group also asks for support for several hacktivist websites.

The group says, "Top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation. Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments."

It remains to be seen how successful the forthcoming operation will be. However, even with advance warning, recent history suggests that there will be no shortage of targets with gaping security holes.

The Twitter hastag #antisec shows that the news is going globally viral.

ABC Technology and Games reminds people, organisations and companies to be vigilant while the apparent forthcoming attacks take place.

Anonymous representatives were being sought for confirmation of the collaboration.

© 2011 ABC
[It's what you don't see that kills you!]


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British teen arrested over CIA, US Senate hacking
by Danny Kemp via pen - AFP Tuesday, Jun 21 2011, 10:11am

LONDON — British police working with the FBI arrested a 19-year-old man over attacks by a hacker group on businesses and government agencies including the CIA, US Senate and Sony, Scotland Yard said Tuesday.

The man, named in reports as Ryan Cleary, was detained on Monday at a house in the suburban town of Wickford in Essex, southeast England, in connection with a month-long global rampage by the Lulz Security group.

He was being questioned Tuesday at a central London police station.

"Yes, the arrest is in connection with the Lulz Security attacks. We believe this to be a significant arrest," a police source confirmed to AFP on condition of anonymity.

But the group played down the arrest in a posting on its official Twitter account. It has announced previous hacking attacks on the same account that turned out to be genuine.

"Seems the glorious leader of LulzSec got arrested, it's all over now... wait... we're all still here! Which poor bastard did they take down," said the posting.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said its specialist cyber-crime team had arrested the man in a "pre-planned intelligence-led operation" on suspicion of computer misuse and fraud offences.

"The arrest follows an investigation into network intrusions and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies by what is believed to be the same hacking group," it said.

DDoS attacks overwhelm websites with traffic, making them sluggish or unresponsive.

"Searches at a residential address in Wickford, Essex, following the arrest last night have led to the examination of a significant amount of material. These forensic examinations remain ongoing," the statement said.

British police had been "working in cooperation with the FBI" in the run-up to the arrest, it added.

The latest in a series of hacking groups to gain public prominence, Lulz knocked out the CIA's public website,, for about two hours last week using a DDoS attack and also hacked into the US Senate's public website.

The group has also released tens of thousands of user names and passwords stolen from Sony and other sites, and on Monday Lulz targeted the website of Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency.

British authorities said Tuesday they were investigating whether information from the country's 2011 national census had been hacked.

"We are aware of the suggestion that census data has been accessed. We are working with our security advisers and contractors to establish whether there is any substance to this," the Office of National Statistics said in a statement.

But Lulz later said on Twitter that it was not responsible, adding that it had itself been the victim of a hoax statement.

In an online manifesto posted last week, Lulz -- whose name is a derivative of the text shorthand for LOL, or "laugh out loud" -- said they were staging the attacks for their own entertainment.

"You find it funny to watch havoc unfold, and we find it funny to cause it," it said.

"For the past month and a bit, we've been causing mayhem and chaos throughout the Internet, attacking several targets including PBS, Sony, Fox, porn websites, FBI, CIA, the US government, Sony some more, online gaming servers," Lulz said.

Lulz last week denied reports that it was in conflict with the hacker group Anonymous, which gained notoriety last year with cyberattacks in support of controversial whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Anonymous in May posted Ryan Cleary's personal details on the Internet after accusing him of trying to hack into its chatrooms.

© 2011 AFP

[We are no one therefore everyone!]

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