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The Alessio Rastani Scam
by quill Wednesday, Sep 28 2011, 9:01am
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

It seems the sociopath mystery trader recently interviewed on the BBC is not a hoaxer but the real deal after all. Nevertheless, he remains a psychopath -- some would say that (market) trader and sociopath are interchangeable terms!

Alessio Rastani on the BBC
Alessio Rastani on the BBC

The 'respected' and vested Wall Street Journal has recently given cred to lunatic, Alessio Rastani, by stating that his comments are “Not All That Radical;” the broader community is left to confront the FACT that the financial ‘masters of the universe’ are clearly criminally insane!

FACTS always speak for themselves and the facts relating to the sensationalist Rastani interview tell a very clear story.

It was the mass media (BBC) that initially released this story, which was clearly designed for a specific effect.

Prior to launching into an analysis I would like to REMIND readers that the Corporate mass media, including the BBC, shamelessly supported the illegal Iraq invasion based on LIES and has gone to great lengths to propagandise that and other conflicts since.

We note that western Corporations benefited hugely from all these wars/conflicts while at the same time displaying no regard whatsoever for the million plus innocent civilian lives lost! We also note that the criminal Libyan ‘intervention’ is characterised by the most flagrant misinformation and propaganda campaign yet seen from the Corporate mass media – a new proactive ‘Psywar’ or population/perception management war, in which the Corporate mass media plays a critical role, has seemingly been launched on society.

Therefore it is IMPERATIVE that we NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM TODAY’S MASS MEDIA AT FACE VALUE. So what is the truth or reality behind the sensational statements made by Mr Rastani, trader?

You will note that Rastani refers to European “markets” as “Toast” after stating emphatically that it will “crash” and “fall hard,” the market is “finished,” etc, etc; needless to say the message has been transmitted. Rastani then refers to the Euro in the same pessimistic tone/manner and says the “smart money” has essentially abandoned the Euro for the US dollar and (US) Treasury Bonds. So, we must ask, who is the beneficiary of this un-usual forecast? Wall Street of course! Well, whadiya know?

Rastani goes on to ‘matter of factly’ refer to the “Euro crashing” and says that people, you and me, conditional to following the ‘smart money’ and supporting the greenback and buying US treasury bonds, would be able to profit or survive the coming economic cataclysm – give me a break, please!

We are expert, professional analysts and Rastani is a very BAD performer/LIAR. Play the video numerous times and pay particular attention to Rastani’s facial muscles, expressions and delivery, his INSINCERITY will scream at you in no time.

I would remind readers of a well known fact. The FEDERAL RESERVE BANKING SYSTEM that prints the greenback will go to any length to eliminate all competition to that paper currency and the Euro presented exactly that competition; especially in consideration of the fact that the greenback, as worthless FIAT currency, was under attack.

Readers should also note that the Reserve Banking System established a Reserve Bank in INDEPENDENT State Bank Libya while the conflict was/is still raging, such is the MORBID FEAR Ben Bernanke and his fellow co-conspirators have for any competition whatsoever.

A new economic psywar has just entered your lounge rooms people, so quick, dump your Euros and buy worthless unpegged paper dollars instead! You see, both currencies are abstract in the sense that neither has any INTRINSIC VALUE, it is CONFIDENCE/SUPPORT that adds the value! So, how to obtain that ‘support?’ By scaring the shit out of everyone and stating that “the savings of millions of people will vanish” in a few months.

Mr Rastani, in his own words, is really trying to help people by dramatically suggesting they shift their savings and investments from Europe to America via the medium of the greenback and Treasury Bonds! Well, we are forever in your debt, you transparent scam artist.

Nonetheless, we look forward to analysing the effectiveness of this overt psychological scam; and re-iterate, NEVER TAKE ANYTHING THAT ISSUES FROM THE CORPORATE MASS MEDIA AT FACE VALUE – today’s mass media has become a propaganda and ‘psywar’ platform for minority interests.

Our advice remains constant, withdraw ALL your support from all “markets” and INVEST in REAL productive land/property and sustainable, productive ventures that have REAL INTRINSIC value.


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economic warfare
by sirgil Thursday, Sep 29 2011, 9:42pm

ur observations are broadly correct tho Rastani is right in his appraisal of the euro and the European market -- they are both 'toast', finito!

however, the original INFECTION issued from Wall St with TOXIC financial debt products to the European banks, now Wall St is inserting the dagger and leaving Europe holding the dead baby while Wall St attempts to shift large investment (value) back to the bankrupt USA -- where else can the 'money' go other than down the tube, which is also a very distinct possibility?

the 'market' is actually an organized criminal circus of media lies, economic war strategies that big money plays on suckers, and ur right, the insider players are all psychopaths -- u have to be disturbed to play.

in any event i'm glad u people took the time to look behind some of the spin.

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