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Google's Partiality and Data Suppression Indicated Yet Again
by Kismo Sunday, Nov 27 2011, 10:05pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

Google's initial role as benign Search Engine has recently extended, with CIA partners, the Bilderberg Group and others, into areas that clearly indicate it is no longer the impartial SE it once was; its additional roles as a surveillance and data mining entity for various nefarious agencies has been covered in previous posts. However, it becomes plain that these new 'data management' activities COMPROMISE its neutrality and service to the public, as various appearances before both European and US anti-trust inquiries clearly indicate.

It's a hard life Eric, darling, and we guarantee to make it harder!
It's a hard life Eric, darling, and we guarantee to make it harder!

We noticed sometime back that Google was actively suppressing our and other data on the net, and we wondered at the time why an 'impartial' search engine, should care! It became all too apparent -- as time and careful logging revealed -- that Google's behaviour formed very clear patterns that indicated deliberate intervention and data search distortions!

We have indicated on numerous occasions in the past Google's outrageous BIAS and data manipulation -- the reasons it has been hauled before anti-trust inquiries on two continents.

But has the beast learned anything? Apparently not, as recent logging patterns clearly indicate. Hits to the site from Google (only) have decreased by 80% in a matter of days; not an organic or natural trend/phenomenon by any means of assessment -- intervention in the form of SELECTIVE article suppression has also been detected.

The ineptitudes of Google staff notwithstanding, Google has clearly learned NOTHING from its appearances before various inquiries and government bodies in the US and Europe. It has actually hired lobbying firms in the US to reduce opposition to its nefarious new practices rather than resume its role as IMPARTIAL search engine -- be advised world and Corporate competitors!

It is a simple matter to graph, from logged data, Google's ACTIVE (and inept) data manipulation and suppression.

Google staff should be aware that similar patterning methods it utilises are easily turned to target it -- the digital sword cuts both ways, morons!

It is clear the Google objective is complete data control and information management, an Orwellian nightmare. Manipulated listings, under topic instead of (linked to) title and author listings have recently been detected -- this serves to background posts from routine data searches by the public.

We are also aware that many talented coders/staff have (walked) left Google Australia in droves; it seems the new 'directions' the company is taking no longer appeal to the brightest and best, which would explain the recent easily detected 'DOTS' flooding that originated from Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California!

Now faced with fifth rate staff and a thin-skinned Bilderberg attendee, former CEO now Chairman, Eric Schmidt, the Corporation is headed downhill at speed. Schmidt will discover that arrogance and distasteful pursuits are no substitute for talent and skill.

[Nailing an inept girl like Schmidt is easy, he is the most reactive and incompetent Corporate executive (big girl) we have ever encountered, keep up the 'good' work, Eric 'darling' -- every move YOU make!]

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