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by wisp Monday, Dec 5 2011, 10:00am
international / prose/poetry / literature

artwork, Sarah Howell
artwork, Sarah Howell

the frozen moon
in the warm
night sky

impervious to its surrounds
it remains frozen
white as ice

enveloped yet isolated
hanging awkwardly,
the icy-white moon
surrounded by
the limitless black sky.

almost hypnotised
i reach out
stretching every fibre
of my being and touch
its sharp, frozen edge

i am released

throwing the blackness
over my shoulder
like a cloak
i let it slip from my hand
and stand naked before
untainted by desire

etched like a jagged diamond
refracting starlight
into a million glimmering needles
that puncture the blackness
opening it
to the blinding
white light beyond.

audio Stand By Me -- the Drifters

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