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Future Wars – State and Non-State Adversaries
by skip Friday, Dec 9 2011, 11:01pm
international / mass media / commentary

The latest misdirected US cold war strategy of ‘containing’ China with archaic ‘ASB’ Air-Sea Battle tactics, which a pack of ossified dunces in Washington worked out ‘all by themselves,’ is yet another indication of America’s RAPID decline in the most critical area of modern warfare -- the latest EXAMPLE of which is the hacking and safe landing of a 'state-of-the-art' US surveillance Drone in Iran. [Though due credit must be given to the Persians and ‘others’ that assisted in this demonstration.]

Banker/Corporatist controlled US puppet president Obaa’maa recently threatened China during a speech given to a joint sitting of the ‘Australian’ Parliament (now clearly a US colony) thanks to the ‘door mat’ acquiescence of treasonous PM, Juliar ‘G Sachs, Carbon’ Gillard. The message, in view of context, was clear, we (USA) are targeting, yellow dog China -- whose arse we have been kicking around the world for decades -- and demonstrating our complete power over Australia and other ‘nations’ in the region.

Obama, by threatening China from the Oz parliament made it clear to China and the rest of the world that Australia is completely subservient to the whims and designs of imperial, civilian killing Washington, even to the extent of (unnecessarily) making itself a PRIMARY NUCLEAR TARGET – traitorous Juliar Gillard formally signed off on FIVE full scale (nuclear weaponed) military bases before delivering her now INFAMOUS grovelling speech to Congress, in which SHE professed HER enduring school-girl love and subservience to the world’s LEADING civilian killing, terrorist nation, the USA!

Gloating over the successful establishment of full scale US military platforms in the Australasian region, tap dancing Obama returned home to rehearse new lines written for him by the same criminal elites that have destroyed free America and trashed its sacred Constitution!

I refer readers to the link below as an example of the misplaced and misdirected VIEW of recent events involving cowardly, yellow dog China and belligerent, mass murdering, Imperial, terrorist America.

Though the characteristically cowardly Chinaman interviewed makes fleeting reference to the digital theatre of modern war he fails to address the FACT that it is the DIGITAL theatre that will determine which forces – State or OTHERWISE -- emerge as final VICTORS (all nuclear systems are digitally controlled). It is known that hacker elites constantly practice and practically engage in DIGITAL WARFARE on a DAILY BASIS, especially OPPORTUNISTIC attack scenarios EXPLOITING the confusion characteristic of State warfare -- the scenarios and outcomes witnessed by this writer could only be described as 'delicious,' truly astounding and awe-inspiring in their CREATIVITY!

Any major conflict between the superpowers would invite 'other' players and result in entirely UNPREDICTABLE outcomes, such as the unplanned complete OBLITERATION of the USA and RUSSIA – we would spare traditional SLAVE nation, yellow dog China, as we require a slave workforce and someone to pull our rickshaws!

Have a nice day, lamers -- we warned you years ago the 'wire' was ours and once captured NEVER relinquished, so do your damnedest, ANTIQUATED best, MORONS (ASB indeed!)

[Greetingz and salutations to all the crewz and homage to the first truly undetectable Uber Warrior, ‘Ferrite’.]

OUR day has COME:

We are ONE – WE are MANY – We are INVINCIBLE!


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u'll like this, i'm sure ..
by meg Friday, Dec 9 2011, 11:30pm

Hackers have learned the lesson -- maintain ANONYMITY at all times, u reading this, Assange, u glamor boy, sell-out, prick!

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