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The Hacker Elite – an Independent, Amorphous, Devastating Force
by 'lix' via Kismo Monday, Dec 19 2011, 11:46pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

After decades of ‘silent running’ it seems the hacker elite is making its ‘presence’ felt and alerting lunatic warring States that they have unknown forces to reckon and contend with!


The downing of a low-orbit satellite, two ‘lost’ Israeli Drones over Gaza, the hacking and capture of a ‘sophisticated’ CIA UAV Drone by the Persians and the disabling of a CIA surveillance satellite in space – events that all occurred within weeks of each other -- clearly indicate a pattern that even an untrained observer could follow.

These related events indicate to trained specialists that the USA has been caught off-guard, ambushed if you like and judging by the lack of an appropriate digital response, America clearly lags behind the rest of the WORLD in the most CRITICAL theatre of modern warfare. However, it was expected, as JUSTICE -- a prime motivator for hackers -- offers no immediate monetary profits, commercial incentives or gains for the ruling Corporate and Banker elite. Corporate ruled America failed to notice the stealthy insertion of a barbed, digital dick in its arse until it was too late!

The usual incentives the US offers to enlist the services of the highly skilled – unlimited corruption money which it prints from thin air – is easily obtained by hackers from the same ‘air’ that digitally stores it; it is child’s play to milk a criminally corrupt Banking system of the filthy money it creates -- it should also be noted that Bankers made a conscious decision NOT to focus on security, but instead to pay out funds lost to hackers, as it was considered the more ‘cost effective’ option! However, that may change in the near future as emerging 'armies' of younger hackers begin to assail the criminal Banking system. [Reserve Banks have recently resorted to just ‘printing’ the difference lost to hackers and others; such is the IRRESPONSIBILITY and level of ‘skill’ criminal bankers display!]

The hacker elite are therefore immune to the usual financial seductions or lures. Elite hackers also have high moral standards and adhere to strict ethical and operational codes, the ANONYMITY rule, which glamour boy Assange violated, at HUGE cost to himself, is SACROSANCT. Invisibility remains one of the most powerful weapons of the hacker elite. Indeed, few hackers have martyr complexes or severely flawed personalities like ‘gifted' glamour boy (keep your dick in your pants) Assange, who set an appalling example for emerging hackers -- the 'man' can't stop what he cannot see or detect!

The pathologies that plague modern Americans are surprisingly scarce in the Elite hacker COMMUNITY. They are truly a ‘breed’ apart, in a word, EXCEPTIONAL; make no mistake, hackers are the vanguard of social dissent and EFFECTIVE opposition to criminal ruling elites today -- you reading this 'Occupy,' do-nothing clowns? Hackers work tirelessly to restore JUSTICE and BALANCE to our world!

Hackers have demonstrated considerable personal restraint by directing billions in appropriated Bank funds to ‘dev/null’ (the digital void); a strategy that created all sorts of problems for criminal Banking cartels – it should also be noted that elite hackers via their social engineering and technical skills have infiltrated EVERY area of critical infrastructure from Banking/Financial to the military through to regulatory and ‘intelligence’ (moron) agencies; in fact, elite hackers continue to ‘maintain’ the most critical computer systems/networks throughout the WORLD – it all began in the early 80’s and now it’s over!

Imagine the ‘red’ phone in Washington/Moscow ringing and informing corrupt criminal politicians that their satellite GPS and other missile guidance systems have been compromised and that their nuclear armed missiles have been re-programmed – the morons in the US could risk a launch and watch as the nuclear missile turns and targets the Pentagon/Washington or New York City.

State and non-State players have recently DEMONSTRATED they lead the US in the most critical theatre of military operation.

“It was easy,” one of our sources explained; while the pathologically avaricious ‘PIG’ (USA) was engaged in criminally bombing, murdering and stealing the resources of weaker sovereign nations without any apparent opposition, it became intoxicated and lost focus on important fields of operation. Blinded by arrogance, GREED and the illusion of superiority, the US failed to stay abreast in the critical area of cyber warfare and once a gap opens in this critical area it is rarely closed.

Hackers have compromised credit card chips, magnetic strips; various digital readers and writers/keys, in fact, any digital device you care to name that has any social significance. Technologies that enslave others free hackers, they remain the FREEST individuals on the planet.

I am forced to conclude it here though there was much more I would have liked to say but a previously agreed upon condition to publication arranged with our source must be honoured! However, the socially aware and tech-savvy would have no difficulty filling in the blanks.

So, have a nice day dreamboats and to the mass murdering, minority criminal cabals, you are going DOWN, as surely as the setting sun, you vile, criminal, filth!

[In a few short years ‘we’ have forced criminal elites to adopt desperate and draconian measures; information management/censorship, data suppression, rendition and torture, indefinite detention without trial (thought crime), genital groping at airports and all manner of offensive, contractive social policies – elites seem to forget that the human SPECIES is freedom loving by nature/INSTINCT; it will all explode in their faces soon enough and we can't thank them enough for doing all the heavy lifting, though it was all planned that way from the start, morons! Criminal elites have been well and truly fucked or 'rooted,' as we say in Oz.

What are they going to do when INDISPUTABLE evidence and the Truth of 9/11 is made public, Mossad won't be able to help then!]


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Russia Asserts Full Nuclear Capability Against 'AMD'
by staff report via stan - Russia Today Wednesday, Dec 21 2011, 7:21am

Russian strategic missiles may target American anti-ballistic missile shield facilities in Europe, the commander of the Russian missile troops has warned.

The missiles on duty have blank flight programs, but they can be promptly targeted at any destination, including the controversial European AMD sites, Lieutenant General Sergey Karakaev told journalists on Friday.

“There are no technical limitations on the use of strategic missiles. It would take very little time to select a new target and upload a new missile flight program,” he assured.

He added that “the combat use of missile troop forces is done on command of the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces, while planning objectives for possible strikes is the job of the General Staff.”

The general also announced the military’s plans to create a new heavy silo-based liquid propellant strategic missile. It will “have improved capabilities to overcome multiple echelons of an anti-missile system” through the use of advanced design of the vehicle and its warhead as well as better fuel.

Karakaev stressed that the need for the new missile comes due to development of ABM technology by the United States.

“If the USA deploys space-based strike anti-ballistic missile forces, which is not excluded due to intensive research in that area it carries out, the potential of small solid propellant missiles would not be enough to overcome such a system,” he said. “In this situation deployment of a liquid propellant ICBM with a launch weigh about 100 tonnes is preferable, since it would be noticeably better than a solid propellant missile of a similar size in terms of the payload-to-weight ratio.”

He added that such a missile can be used to deliver conventional precision warheads and will still have a virtually global reach, which gives more options for Russia in warfare.

In the short-term period, the existing Topol-M and Yars ICBMs are capable of overcoming any challenges the strategic missile troops may face, the commander assured. He said that by year’s end, a quarter of the missiles deployed by Russia will be of these advanced designs. The near-total rearmament of the military is currently being carried out and will be finished by 2012.

The American plans to deploy its anti-missile sites in Europe are a long-standing point of conflict between Moscow and Washington. Russia wants legal guarantees that the system will not undermine its nuclear deterrence, which the US is reluctant to provide such assurances.

Lately Moscow has taken a tougher stance on the issue, opting for a military response to the threat, which politics is failing to address. It plans to deploy Iskander tactical missiles in Kaliningrad exclave, which would allow destruction of the future ABM facilities, should this be needed. President Medvedev also ordered defense ministry to develop further measures to counter the American system.

© 2011 Autonomous Nonprofit Organization, TV-Novosti

[All emphasis added -- the 'blank flight program' Achilles heel is evident. As you are aware 'comrades', Cyrillic is no problem, we gave you the language, remember? You will regret the day you abandoned the Balkans.

Simultaneously targeting Russia and the US would lead to a full scale mutual retaliatory exchange -- and good riddance to you both!]

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