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There is no honor – the cost of fighting illegal, civilian killing, CORPORATE wars
by colin Saturday, Dec 24 2011, 11:37pm
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SUICIDE, not enemy combatants, is the largest killer of US troops today -- a statistic the Pentagon constantly endeavors to suppress! Yes, uncle, there is a price to pay for fighting dishonorable (criminal) CORPORATE wars.


A popular Youtube featuring a returned marine, Sgt. Shamar Thomas, confronting NYC police who were engaged in brutalizing peaceful 'Occupy' protesters has been utilized as a standard or banner by many alternative media sites including this one. Allow me, a veteran, to clarify the issue -- though my areas of expertise were counter-intelligence and psychological warfare, or psywar as it is more popularly known today.

After witnessing oppressive police tactics used against peaceful protesters in New York City, Sgt. Shamar Thomas justifiably went 'postal' and screeched, during a tirade directed against the clearly cowardly NYPD, 'there is no honor in this, there is no honor in this, there is no honor in this!' He previously shouted, 'if you wanna go fight, go to Iraq and Afghanistan ... if you wanna go kill and hurt people go to Iraq!' Hmmm!

Sgt. Thomas was clearly referring to the Iraq that coalition partners illegally invaded, a war prosecuted on a pack of LIES and planned deceptions; WMD being the most oft repeated and most heinous LIE, though Blair's '45 minute international attack capability' and John Howard's 'aluminum tubing’ for nuclear weaponry came in at a close second! If readers wish to verify the facts today research the UN's weapons inspection team led by Hans Blix who concluded prior to the invasion that Iraq had no WMD!

After the illegal invasion in which US forces made a beeline straight for the Oil Ministry in Baghdad -- interesting priority -- the ongoing (bungled from the start) campaign led to over one million innocent civilians losing their lives and over four million Iraqi citizens being violently displaced. A holocaust and catastrophe of monumental proportions, crimes for which no coalition member has been prosecuted to this day!

In view of the CRIMINAL REALITY of the Iraq and Afghan wars, Sgt. Thomas is transmitting the WRONG message, as both civilian killing wars of resource theft were clearly CORPORATE INSTIGATED; therefore ANY direct or indirect reference to them as legitimate or 'honorable' clearly sends the wrong (subliminal or otherwise) message. Interestingly, every interview conducted by the mass media with Sgt. Thomas after his much publicized outburst, failed to address or even mention the illegitimacy of both the Iraq and Afghan conflicts! In view of the general context and the designed OTPOR/CANVAS do-nothing 'Occupy movement,' a specialist cannot help but wonder whether the entire charade had been orchestrated, though most players would have been unaware of the gambit at the time.

Be assured, Sergeant, there is 'NO HONOR' in the streets of New York or the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and there is a VERY HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR FIGHTING DISHONORABLE, CORPORATE WARS.

Perhaps another recommendation would be more appropriate, practical and effective, Sgt. Thomas; "if you wanna go fight, take up arms and go straight to the REAL ENEMY on Wall St and in the Capitol." Urge ALL citizens -- including the police and military -- to wrest control of the nation from the hands of the CRIMINALS that currently control it and deliver it back to the people. The FIRST RULE of war is KNOW your ENEMY!

Sgt. Shamar Thomas, another 'useful idiot'
Sgt. Shamar Thomas, another 'useful idiot'

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