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Don't be the suckers THEY Expect You to be!
by duo Saturday, Jan 21 2012, 8:04am
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

The Indefinite Detention and SOPA bills

Anyone that takes anything at face value today is a fuckwit!

Savvy media analysts have been drawing attention to the NOT coincidental SOPA bill following hot on the heels of the 'indefinite detention' provision in the NDAA that servile Obama dutifully signed into law for his masters on New Year's Eve!

Alex 'shill' Jones
Alex 'shill' Jones

No analyst worth his text/salt takes anything for granted or ever ignores odd juxtapositions of political events or what appears to be coincidence.

Readers would note that Corporate media attention was almost exclusively devoted to the SOPA bill at the expense of the greater evil, indefinite detention, which should have drawn widespread protest from all law abiding citizens everywhere!

SOPA and 'indefinite detention' easily qualify as the two most tyrannical bills the US has yet offered its somnambulist population.

Without spending too much time on the ease and speed at which SOPA was 'defeated' I would urge EVERYONE to return their attention to overturning the most draconian bill ever legislated into law in any democracy; the indefinite detention of any citizen without trial or charge -- that is the provision/new law criminal ruling elites wish to keep in the background, away from the public's FOCUS/attention!

We can all serve each other and our democracy by not allowing ourselves to be easily distracted, though SOPA was a threat that couldn't be ignored. However, our focus must return to the greater evil and every effort must be made to overturn that totally UNACCEPTABLE provision that traitorous Obama passed into law.

It is well known to 'perception managers' that the most effective method of capturing the public consciousness is to take both the protagonist and antagonist positions. In this regard I introduce you to Alex Jones -- an American 'shill' if ever there was one -- who purports to be antagonistic to ruling elites; however, his subliminal message CONSTANTLY DIS-EMPOWERS his audience by referring to their 'powerlessness' and to the over-arching 'power' elites exercise over society -- his message is actually DEFEATIST if you care to look beyond his simplistic presentations and theatrics.

The Truth is plain to see: MINORITY ruling elites have no power whatsoever, they obtain their power by stealth, subterfuge and DECEPTION -- worthless fiat money is valuable, for example! It is the masses that unconsciously surrender their (real) social power to minority elites, who then appropriate State apparatuses/institutions and exercise legal, military and police control over society.

That situation is EASILY remedied by withdrawing ALL 'sub-scriptions'/SUPPORT from these elites and their PROXIES in Washington and returning State institutions to the people!

Overturning the draconian indefinite detention law is as simple as marching on the Capitol as a united population and DEMANDING its REPEAL -- no rocket science required but what is required is commitment, ACTION, character, fortitude and UNITY of purpose.


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Journalist, Chris Hedges, Sues Obama over Indefinite Detention Law
by fleet Saturday, Jan 21 2012, 10:08pm

We shouldn't forget the cogent words of Martin Luther King jr -- "Everything that Hitler did in Germany was Legal."

World domination is the INSANE dream of all tyrannical (indefinite detention) DESPOTS; America is not the first nation in history to attempt global Fascist rule -- 'Thousand Year Reich' and 'New American Century' -- blow it out your demented arse!

additional material
by reed Monday, Jan 23 2012, 5:47am

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