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Obama Delivers State of Delusion Address
by rumple Wednesday, Jan 25 2012, 9:37pm
international / social/political / other press

PUPPET president Obama dutifully delivered his rehearsed and scripted State of the Union address to a socially aware America/WORLD recently; and as the majority noted, the one outstanding feature of this address was its COMPLETE disconnect from SOCIAL REALITY. I mean, who is Obama and his handlers trying to kid? So completely divorced from REALITY was the entire mad hatters address that it beggared belief -- one can only wonder who is prescribing the (wrong) medication for the executive these days! The insular dunces that wrote the diatribe really need to get out more. Even the long-suffering, under-educated, spineless American population viewed the entire charade with the cynicism it deserved.

Fresh in people's minds is the social/political REALITY -- indefinite detention without charge or trial -- that Obama recently ushered into American law/history, Nazism, pure and simple. Is there a more accurate label to describe the trashing of the Constitution and the eradication of the last vestiges of rights the American people once enjoyed? And to rub salt into the gaping wound the SOPA information CENSORSHIP act quickly followed the indefinite detention law, which, despite all delays and 'reviews,' will also become social reality as did "preventative detention," (remember?) now renamed and passed into law as 'indefinite detention!'

Notwithstanding the outrageous oppressive powers granted to a recently exposed criminally CORRUPT military, we have the continuing PNAC insane march on Syria and Iran, as if murder, mayhem and regime change have somehow become legitimised after the crimes of the 'humanitarian' bombing and assassinations in Libya!

It is of less concern to the FREE WORLD than it is to the American people but American government and the forces that OWN it are quite clearly CRIMINAL.

My solution facing the current American social reality and the lack of any real opposition from the people is as Bill Hicks succinctly put it -- "Go back to bed America ... "

The current political reality will be played out in another critical area -- THE ENVIRONMENT.

While fools remain fascinated by tinsel and bright lights a tidal wave of volcanic and tectonic change is ready to burst the bubble of delusion and the pettiness that so fascinate today's world. The destruction and tumultuous change -- the likes if which has never been seen -- these earth and solar system changes promise are simply inconceivable to the modern human 'mind.' Hundreds of millions will die OVERNIGHT in these earth changes -- humanity will once again learn (the hard way) what is of REAL value!

Meanwhile, believe that PROVEN, reprobate, criminal LIAR Obama, you poor, pathetic fools!

This NO "respect" for America today -- this diatribe is nothing more than the same tired LIES, Arrogance, Hypocrisy, Ignorance and DISCONNECT.

"American values", yea, 'indefinite detention', criminal Wall St, and a murdering military that exonerates psychopaths and tortures/kills civilians! Obama is outright OWNED by Bankers and Corporatists but pretends to support the foreclosed, lost living standards, people.

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