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'Perception Management' 101
by semio Sunday, Jan 29 2012, 10:08pm
international / social/political / opinion/analysis

Prior to publishing this material concerns were raised regarding short-circuiting the public's automatic programming and fizzling their pea brains, but after careful deliberation we decided to publish, as those able to withstand the shock of the REAL may be able to LIBERATE/free themselves and those that short circuit and become gibbering idiots can participate in the American Presidential Elections where a puppet is selected from either major party by criminal Banking and Corporate interests that control government and the country!

The first lesson will revolve around "the war on TERROR," military expansionism and the reason ALL our social liberties and rights (indefinite detention) have been lost over the past decade.

Now listen up vacuum-heads, it's not difficult but it does require a little more concentration than reading a postage stamp or watching American idol.

You will note immediately that 'war' has been declared on a NOUN -- a word -- not a person, group or State. Wars declared against entities, groups and nations END at some stage usually by one or the other side vanquishing the other! BUT not so a war conveniently declared on a universally undefined, word -- the UN attempted to get all nations to agree on a definition, however, America blocked and boycotted this very rational attempt to immediately put an end to the war on 'terror;' can you guess why?

Consider the approach of a nation that has declared war on a word but refuses to agree to a definition of that word. It's a case of having your cake and eating it too, as you will soon discover!

War on a word allows the aggressor to accuse anyone it chooses of 'terrorism' and then attack them one way or another, including the use of deadly force. By leaving the 'door open' on those the aggressor wishes to accuse, a war on a WORD serves its INTENDED purpose of permanent war/military expansionism!

Now consider why an aggressor nation refuses to be party to an official, ratified DEFINITION of the word that facilitates its raison d' ĂȘtre; I'll give you a hint, because it may be the most heinous offender under that definition!

Refusal to agree does NOT eliminate known definitions or existing knowledge -- the entire world is saved by dictionaries, AMAZING! Dictionaries all seem to agree on a particular definition; TERRORISM is primarily characterised by the murder of innocent civilians and the destruction of private property!

Now dreamboats, which nation has killed more innocent civilians over the past half-century than any other nation (and continues killing civilians today) and which nation is responsible for more destruction of property outside its own borders than any other nation? Do I need to give you a star-spangled hint? Interesting that it is the same nation that accuses the victim of its own crimes, isn't it, dreamboats?

That's enough for today, I wouldn't want to blow your pea brains.


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