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Oz leadership: a fight between a Vomit and a Turd
by bluey Wednesday, Feb 22 2012, 9:14pm
international / social/political / commentary

Has EVERYONE in the Australian Labor Party taken leave of their senses? A showdown between two reviled leaders, pathological narcissist, spoiler and show pony, do-nothing, photo-op Rudd and US doormat, corporate and loathed Banker lackey bitch, ‘Carbon Sachs’ Gillard, the most unrepresentative, undemocratic PM Oz has ever known – are you people seriously entertaining that absurd gambit when the OBVIOUS REQUIREMENT is to SACK THE BLOODY BOTH OF THEM and clear the air ONCE AND FOR ALL – it’s the ONLY VIABLE and PRACTICAL SOLUTION, you spineless, insular, navel-gazing, Labor imbeciles?

The absurd drama between this TOXIC DUO, whatever the outcome, promises one thing sure, the ABSOLUTE annihilation of any chances Labor may have had at the next election.

The opposition can’t believe its luck; the only thing that would worry them at this stage is a complete break from the current situation and a new vibrant Labor leader emerging; one able to represent and connect to the people, not a difficult t/ask in the present circumstances!

Try taking a look at the broader picture for once and NEVER leave your COMMON (Labor) SENSE at the Caucus door, morons! Give yourselves and the nation a break; no-one likes Abbott but you are ALL making him a gift of the office of Prime Minister, dunderheads!

The situation in Labor has deteriorated to the EXTENT that a clean sweep is the only viable solution.

JUST DO IT, you witless, mindless, navel-gazing, C-O-W-A-R-D-L-Y clowns – ANYONE is preferable to either of the TOXIC DUO!


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Labor Party unravels with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard showdown
by Anna Caldwell and Steven Scott via stele - The Courier-Mail Friday, Feb 24 2012, 6:00am

KEVIN Rudd says he is the only person who can save Labor at the next election as the Government collapses in the most vitriolic political divorce in Australia's history.

With two more days left before the leadership battle is settled, the ALP has ripped itself apart as Julia Gillard and Mr Rudd accused each other of lying and fighting unfairly.

Mr Rudd declared Ms Gillard has lost the trust of voters and could never win this back. But she hit back, accusing him of undermining her "behind closed doors" and said he lacked the "courage and determination" to govern the country.

As the personal clash intensified yesterday, Mr Rudd shattered the tradition of cabinet confidentiality by revealing secret discussions about climate change. He also accused Ms Gillard of dumping his national health reforms without cabinet scrutiny.

Senior ministers Nicola Roxon and Tony Burke hit back, saying they would refuse to serve under Mr Rudd again if he won the ballot on Monday.

But Ms Gillard suffered a serious blow to her confidence after the caucus secretary Nick Champion quit his post to back the former leader and senior minister Anthony Albanese turned to his local branch members to ask who he should support.

Her backers were last night confident she would win the leadership contest with the backing of at least two thirds of her caucus.

But the Rudd camp claimed he gained ground after returning to Australia and had the backing of close to 40 of the 103 member Labor caucus, with about 10 undecided votes.

For the first time, Mr Rudd spoke openly about his removal from power in a "midnight coup" and urged his party to restore him to the top job or face an electoral wipeout.

In an unprecedented step, Mr Rudd revealed Cabinet secrets including that Ms Gillard and his former deputy Wayne Swan had convinced him to dump his emissions trading scheme during his leadership.

Ms Gillard did not deny the allegations, but hit back at Mr Rudd saying she was the only one able to get the reforms through the parliament.

"On carbon pricing, who can put their hand up and say they've got it done?" she asked.

"I can."

As the two camps squared off yesterday, they fought over key battlegrounds of climate change, asylum seeker policy and health reform.

Mr Rudd accepted Ms Gillard's demands that he make only one bid for the leadership, but said he would not be afraid to talk publicly about policies if he lost and moved to the back bench.

The former leader ruled out quitting the Labor Party if he lost, telling The Courier-Mail his view was "born Labor, die Labor."

He accused Ms Gillard's backers of trashing democracy by intimidating MPs and demanded "a truly secret ballot, rather than people peering over one another's shoulders in a time-honoured tradition in certain parts of the Australian Labor Party".

Ms Gillard accused Mr Rudd of using the leadership to feed his own ego, saying the contest was "not Celebrity Big Brother".

She urged her colleagues to choose the person with the "character temperament and strength" to deliver, and repeatedly using the catch phrase "I get things done".

Ms Gillard also made a bid for the high moral ground, saying she didn't deserve to "pay the political price" of Mr Rudd's "undermining and destabilising".

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