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Oz Labor Party Suicides
by cyd Saturday, Feb 25 2012, 7:52am
international / social/political / commentary

Failure to remove the Toxic Duo spells doom for Labor

It is fitting that the clearly dysfunctional Labor Party of Australia is completely demolished from within by its last two leaders. The problem is not human frailty, though that is not in short supply in Labor ranks, but with an antiquated model that allows unrepresentative elements and factions to control the entire ship of insular fools -- and yes, how appropriate it is that the last two extremely flawed leaders close the curtain on Labor's future political viability for decades to come.


What a choice, for pete's sake; a self-involved Murdoch puppet, pathological narcissist -- proving that point yet again in a Brisbane mall -- and an insincere, LYING Corporate and Washington-serving bitch, reviled by the entire population for loading them with a crucifixion Banker designed Carbon Tax that will have no appreciable effect on global Carbon reductions BUT will fill the coffers of the Corporatists and Bankers that designed it -- notwithstanding that LIAR Gillard promised never to impose such a tax on the people if they voted her into office!

The Labor leadership is a competition between a gym-sock and poison wine. The amazing thing is that Labor ranks seem unable to apply the brakes on a speeding train ready to hit the end of the line at full throttle.

The Party lost its core base -- the PEOPLE -- after it began serving MINORITY Banker and Corporate interests. The shift occurred under Hawke and Keating, but was taken to the extreme with 'yes Rupert' Rudd and 'Five US military bases of OCCUPATION, Carbon Sachs,' Gillard!

It hasn't yet occurred to insular Labor Party 'geniuses' that once their TRADITIONAL support base was lost, they have no way of gaining office, I mean, who is gonna vote for Labor now, MINORITY Bankers and Corporate CEOs -- you dumb fuck's? State Labor election slaughters have proven the point and there is no further case to make?

Whoever succeeds in this destructive leadership wrangle will lead the party to inevitable DOOM, as the people punish a Party with no integrity or ability outside taking orders from Washington and the profit-only-driven, mega Corporations; notwithstanding that Gillard STABBED the AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE in the back in exactly the same manner she did with Rudd, a dagger sheathed in a LIE! The fact that Labor caucus supports a reprehensible character like Gillard sends a very clear message and INSULT to the Australian PEOPLE -- you were advised to dump them both, you staggeringly stupid, Labor DUNCES!

As much as I detest conservatism, I join the growing chorus of average Aussies chanting, GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH!

A general election offers opportunities for REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS to populate the seats of parliament; the people have clearly had enough of LYING servile politicians serving minority interests -- be careful what you wish for, Abbott! General elections are not CONFINED to a choice between a vomit and a turd, the two MAJOR (owned) political parties.

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