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"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind" -- George Orwell
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Rhymes of Unreason
by ryall Monday, Feb 27 2012, 8:37am
international / prose/poetry / literature

the poet
that affronts
the State is not rare,
simply qualified

the poet
that is feared
and censored by the
forces that control the State
is deserving of our attention

the poet
that offends friend and foe alike
and forces the lords of
data and information control
to suppress his works
is becoming exceptional
and is deserving of our recognition

scorching syntax that alarms
the meek and terrifies the strong
is born of profound insight
and broad experience

the poet
that seduces virgins with his verse
and makes water flow in the driest valleys
has mastered the art of evocation
the poet
that has mastered the magic of invocation
is a Magus,
a conjurer of realities
a shaper of dreams
and visions

little wonder that poets strike fear
into the hearts of evil fabricators
and liars

immune to the power of his own skill,
seemingly innocuous expressions
become horrifying spells,
that create ogres and monsters,
the stuff of nightmares --
semiotic missiles that are able to neutralise
civilian killing UAV drones,
and awaken the most profound sleepwalkers
and indoctrinated soldiers;
words that raise the living, bury the dead
and see monarchs reduced to ruin.

poetry that earns the ire of criminal
elites, forcing frantic suppression in cyber searches,
only strengthens and fortifies poets;
an ageless wisdom flows like mighty rivers
a tradition that forever reminds us of our humanity,
intrinsic values and responsibility (to each other)
cannot be thwarted or suppressed.

it is appropriate that the purveyors
of death and destruction
are in dread-full fear of poets;
it is a timeless tradition that successfully
wages war on warlords, defeats nefarious powers
and restores justice where once only corruption,
lies and thieves ruled.

no weapon exists that is
able to defeat a poem;
no elite force or standing army
is capable of vanquishing a narrative

[they are already defeated
see how they hurtle toward their inevitable demise.]

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