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Obama Blows It Big Time -- Microphones can be Deadly
by mike Wednesday, Mar 28 2012, 8:30am
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The media and a host of others are calling this revelation (see video) a "gaffe," it may be many things but a gaffe it is NOT! Call it what you will but it constitutes proof of orchestrated elections and a pretend democracy in the USA. Yes, there really is a ruling elite above the President and thanks to an audio technician's oversight, the WORLD now knows that the US presidential elections are a farce and a FRAUD!

Obama speaks from CERTAINTY regarding his future tenure and the increased powers he will have after the (orchestrated) election; the current ridiculous run-up serves primarily to give the impression that people live in a democracy and are able to exercise their democratic prerogative and select a leader -- it's a LIE, the whole damn CHARADE! And now the ENTIRE WORLD knows what many suspected but were unable to prove.

"Things must change in order to stay the same." And yes, there really is a ruling CRIMINAL elite that installs presidents and controls governments/policy.

Ruling elites are not about to allow an eloquent, dutiful, trained puppet like Obama lose the next election; ruling elites always seek two terms for their puppets these days. Consider all the effort that goes into training and running-in new puppet presidents and you will understand why; the rest is pure media circus designed to distract and camouflage the nefarious reality behind US government today! CRIMINALS have taken control of America and other former democracies around the globe!

Watch carefully and you too will be in no doubt regarding the sordid TRUTH about puppet Obama and the reality of the forces that control him.

More irrefutable Proof; former Oz PM John 'puppet' Howard and Canadian PM, Stephen 'puppet' Harper, read VERBATIM from SAME prepared script

It should be noted that these were parliamentary addresses and should have been distinctive and specific to each nation's cultural differences and the very different prevailing internal political circumstances at the time!

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