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Living in your own private Labor Party
by baz Tuesday, Apr 3 2012, 9:12am
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The Dissociative Response

The entire Australian population is AWARE of the cause of Labor's plummeting support/popularity -- really, one we would have to be retarded not to know the OBVIOUS reason behind Labor's RAPID decline!

Juliar Gillard -- representing no-one!
Juliar Gillard -- representing no-one!

The federal opposition couldn't be happier as the polls record unprecedented low levels of support (27%) for Federal Labor and its reviled PM, Juliar 'carbon sachs' Gillard; however, the opposition leader should not jump to any hasty conclusions regarding his popularity, he is a known quantity in Oz politics, a former 'apprentice' Jesuit, pugilist, and arch-conservative with the political vision of a gnat! Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, is known primarily for his attack-dog adversarial approach in parliament and completing the physically grueling 'Iron Man' marathon challenge in his speedo's -- odd credentials for a future PM, to say the least!

Abbott is a borderline misogynist, Catholic arch-conservative -- especially in relation to womens reproductive rights -- and he is thoroughly devoid of a viable political vision for Australia's future, he just wants to be PM! He leads Gillard in the polls as preferred prime minister but why? (A question that should be put to Labor's navel gazing, socially dissociated members!) Answer: because Gillard is so completely reviled she makes anyone look good, even Tony Abbott!

Gillard is known for stabbing former PM Rudd in the back and taking his job; a treacherous act no doubt but one that could be forgiven in today's political climate. However, attempting the same trick/tactic on the entire Australian population with a toxic Carbon Tax and hoping to get away with it, is indicative of complete insanity. But that is what Gillard attempted to do and now the entire party is paying the price -- many promising political careers have been compromised by Gillard who seems to be thinking of herself only and not the general welfare of her Party and the nation.

To say the Australian population is furious over the brazen treachery Gillard displayed toward them is understatement -- they can't wait to return the 'favour' at every election Labor contests; the recent slaughter of her party in the Queensland State election testifies to the fact! The population is fuming and won't be satisfied until they dispatch her federal party to the political wilderness for decades.

But this is NOT news, everyone in Oz knows it, everyone but Gillard and her own Labor colleagues. The longer Gillard remains in office the steadier the decline in the polls! The fact is there is nothing about this insular, detestable woman that is appealing to anyone with an ounce of integrity!

The population is unforgiving over the imposition of the carbon tax burden, especially after Gillard gave assurances she would never impose such a tax on the people if they voted her back into office!

Gillard's act of treachery is the PRIMARY reason behind Labor's plummeting popularity and the slaughter of Labor in Queensland. Surely sufficient evidence exists that verifies Gillard as walking political poison! But divorced from reality Labor politicians continue to support the cause of ALL their problems.

One of the most fatal political diseases any party could suffer is disconnection with the public and in the past half century no party has been more disconnected than Gillard's Labor -- let me make it as plain as I can; the people don't want the Carbon Tax, Industry and business don't want the Carbon Tax and my pet budgie doesn't want it either but the message has failed to reach Gillard and the power brokers in Labor ranks. A very hefty political price will be extracted for the insular attitude Labor displays toward the nation/people -- in fact the only entities that want a Carbon Tax are the people that helped design it -- the Banks and Financial institutions on Wall St, well, fuck them!

To quote from another source, linked below: "Message not getting through to Gillard ....Voters scream no to the carbon tax, and all Gillard says she hears are chants of 'yes!"

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