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One useful Neocon Legacy
by piri Saturday, Apr 28 2012, 11:47am
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The American Imperialist agenda that the neocons launched so effectively and that Obama pursues to this day, has a single positive element to it, perhaps confirming something my granny once told me as a child, 'nothing is all bad or good,' though the neocons came awfully close to being all bad. In hindsight it appears the neocons did humanity a great service by demonstrating how utterly servile, useless and fearful today's American masses are!


Today few people in western democracies are unaware that the Iraq invasion was a criminal enterprise designed to steal that nation's vast oil wealth.

In stark contrast to the politically aware and active cultures of the 60's, today's masses are unable (even with the law on their side) to demand JUSTICE and the prosecution of KNOWN war criminals, torturers and minority serving, treasonous puppet politicians.

Today's cowering masses allow themselves to be genitally groped or irradiated by airport 'security,' economically abused by Wall St criminals and oppressed by puppet governments that pass laws allowing unqualified military personnel to indefinitely detain citizens without trial or charge on suspicion -- conditions today that could never have been implemented in the late 20th century!

The neocons were the biggest bunch of bunglers (WTC7) known to modern politics, but they had one redeeming quality, they could run with prescribed policies with all guns blazing! They waged illegal wars abroad and conducted terror/fear campaigns at home against their own population; a population which today 'enjoys' less privileges and freedoms than at any other time in the nation's short history.

In the face of gross injustices and overt government crime, what has the 'brave' American public done to remedy the appalling situation -- virtually nothing! The best they could come up with is a 'movement' that has no direction, agendas, leadership or policies -- brilliant!

The neocons should be thanked for exposing to the WORLD, that the American population is a DEAD LOSS -- populations of allied nations follow close behind!

It seems the more crimes ruling elites OPENLY commit today, the less likely populations are to react appropriately.

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