Cleaves Alternative News

by wisp Wednesday, May 2 2012, 12:04pm
international / prose/poetry / literature


the sun is not timid
or unsure
it is the moon
that waxes and wanes,
as though unsure of itself,
always appearing
and disappearing
indecisive of its bearing
in the sky

not so the sun’s
steady journey,
chasing the night
and heralding the day
always vanquishing the dark

the sun moves steadily
as it transits the sky
blazing above the clouds
imploding and exploding,
a life-giving fiery furnace

the pale
uncertain moon
knows better than to
attempt to match the sun,
it remains hidden
safe, in the soft night sky
accepting only indirect rays
to bathe its desolation

yet the heavens would be
incomplete if either celestial
body lacked its counterpart

the steadfastness of a man
must be softened by
the uncertainty of a woman;
the singular progress of the sun
must be complimented by
the perpetual shifting of the moon

one forever seeks the other
yet both remain separated
by the cruel harmony
and motions
of the firmament --

it seems at times that
the entire universe
works to prevent

Cleaves Alternative News.