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Aussies Turn their Backs on Major Parties
by smiley Sunday, Jun 3 2012, 11:31am
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Gillard and Abbott both on the nose for obvious Unrepresentative Reasons

The Australian Labor and Liberal Parties have been rejected by the majority of Aussies as unrepresentative sell-outs to Big Business, the Corporations and Washington. How did the Labor Party expect to survive Gillard's disgusting and insulting LIE on the Carbon crucifixion and how did the Liberal Party hope to survive after Howard's shameless, cowardly kowtowing to Washington's every whim to the extent of involving us in America's illegal and immoral civilian killing wars?

Abbott and Gillard are so involved with attacking each other, the welfare and best interests of the nation are taking a back seat to their personal vendettas.

Neither Party has any real vision or policies, they both take orders from the same MINORITY elite interests. Both parties are clearly devoid of original policies; Oz politics has degenerated into personal shit fights and slanging matches, much to the dismay of the public who are sick and tired of their leaders ignoring them and the REAL issues.

When one considers all the time, effort, energy and money spent on determining the mood of the public it staggers belief that both leaders continue on their insular course.

But perhaps the most insulting and infuriating aspect of local politics is that both leaders continue to brazenly LIE to the public on a daily basis. The ineffective (on climate) Carbon Tax 'won't hurt' insists Gillard, though the facts dictate it will increase the price of EVERYTHING, notwithstanding that industry has made it VERY CLEAR, THAT ALL ADDITIONAL COSTS WILL BE PASSED ONTO THE CONSUMER! Gillard's persistent attempts to shift the tax burden onto the Corporations is flagrantly misleading -- it is the people who will be crucified by this unnecessary tax -- make no mistake.

The situation is only exacerbated by Abbott who persists with his attack dog politics -- that is all the witless clown is capable of! Real policy development and solutions for the nation and the Australian people are completely ignored.

Come polling day the amount of REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS that replace sitting members from both major parties may serve to shock Canberra back into developing policies and serving the MAJORITY not minority interests.

Voting is compulsory in Oz, so use that VOTE to send a VERY CLEAR message to the major parties, simply VOTE REPRESENTATIVE INDEPENDENTS into office at every level of government.

Report from The Australian follows:

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott's disapproval rating has risen to a record high to be just three points behind the Prime Minister's, according to the latest Fairfax/Nielsen poll.

Mr Abbott's disapproval rating rose five points of 57 per cent.

But that is of little consolation for Prime Minister Julia Gillard, whose disapproval rating remains steady at 60 per cent.

Her party's primary vote has fallen two points to 26 per cent, which is equal to its record low of last July.

On a two-party basis, Labor trails 43 per cent - up one point in three weeks - to the coalition's 57 per cent, down one.

Fairfax says if an election was held now, the Gillard Government would be swept from office with a swing of about seven per cent against it.

So it's not surprising to see voters continue to want Kevin Rudd back - 62 per cent prefer him as ALP leader compared with 32 per cent who prefer Ms Gillard.

But voters are also unhappy with the Coalition leadership, with 61 per cent saying they would prefer Malcolm Turnbull as Liberal leader to Mr Abbott's 34 per cent.

In the Fairfax poll, the Coalition primary vote is down one point to 48 per cent, while the Greens are up two to 14 per cent.

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