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Google Admits Data Manipulation, Censoring and Tampering with Searches
by lynx Tuesday, Jun 19 2012, 12:39am
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Confirmed CIA partner company, Google, is no doubt concerned over continuing bad press, ‘anti-trust’ charges and its very rapidly deteriorating reputation. It is losing ground to less privacy snooping search engines by the day; ixquick is one of many excellent alternatives to Google!


Indeed, there are a number of very good alternatives to Google and more people should be aware of their choices and their alternatives, especially if they are offended by the outrageously INTRUSIVE tracing and MONITORING procedures conducted by Google and its CIA partner! Ixquick for example, has anonymous and proxy searches built into its user interface, a very welcome and easily accessible set of privacy features.

We should not forget that Google’s former CEO and current ‘chairwoman,’ Eric Schmidt, has attended numerous Bilderberg meetings and has a very cosy relationship with the Corporate mass media, hence the latest attempts to restore Google's tattered image, but a lost cause I’m afraid – the CIA indelibly pollutes everything it touches, so it’s goodbye and good riddance to sell-out Google, forever!

The latest press releases – one example below -- are clearly intended to shift responsibility from Google to government, which is a joke, as Google is a protected private corporation that once promised never to engage in clandestine snooping – who are you people trying to kid, now?

Our message to ‘sweetie’ Schmidt is, you can shove your feeble (and very costly we believe) attempts at salvaging your company’s image where it ‘fits,’ Eric; you SECRETLY censored and backgrounded Alternative News and other sites willingly for years; however, your methods were detected and made PUBLIC by the hacker elite, and now YOU are paying the price -- fucking with the underground hacker elite comes with a hefty price tag, sweetie, didn't ya know?

Story (with a grain of salt) from 'CFR' Murdoch's Herald Sun follows:

Google's 'Big Brother' is the US government – study

WHAT is the nation most likely to ask Google to take down user content or hand over user data? The US, and increasingly so, fresh data showed.

The US government asked Google to hand over user data 6,321 times in the second half of 2011, an increase of 37 percent from the same period in 2010. With 12,243 users and accounts specified, the US had far more requests than any other country.

Google complied with the US 93 percent of the time - the highest rate of compliance the company reported as part of a regular update to its Transparency Report.

Google downplayed the US hunger for user data in its latest report, saying, "The increase isn't surprising, since each year we offer more products and services, and we have a larger number of users." Google also noted that sometimes the US asks for data on behalf of other governments.

As for content removals, the US government also asked for more blog posts and videos to be removed from Google and YouTube in the second half of 2011 - a total of 187 requests for 6,192 items, more than any other country.

Google noted that was up 103 percent from the year before and said it complied with less than half of those requests.

Google said it avoided complying with requests to take down political speech when it could, for example in Spain and Poland.

The report gave some of the requests a higher level of detail. "We received a request from the Passport Canada office to remove a YouTube video of a Canadian citizen urinating on his passport and flushing it down the toilet. We did not comply with this request."

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[NEVER forget that it is the private CORPORATIONS that CONTROL the US and other western governments – do better next time, Google!

It is Alternative News and other dissenting sites that work tirelessly to oppose and EXPOSE repressive Corporations and governments around the world. So it's a no-brainer that Google is as guilty as sin and no amount of media trickery and misinformation will alter the KNOWN facts. Google was not complaining when its CLANDESTINE snooping, monitoring and censoring was largely unknown to the masses!

There are numerous ways to disseminate information today -- and with that said, if you value your personal freedoms and privacy disseminate this message widely.]

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