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Slogans are Not Solutions
by nano Tuesday, Mar 20 2007, 10:48pm
national / peace/war / commentary

In a recent speech delivered to a defence ‘think-tank’, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard displayed his total contempt for the Australian public and his audience by once again avoiding the real issues of the Iraq occupation. Howard refused to acknowledge the absolute fiasco and civilian death toll that he and fellow coalition leaders, Blair and Bush are directly responsible for. Rather than face the issues of a criminal invasion, subsequent oil plunder and a horrendous civilian death toll, Howard, in step with his American masters, echoed the same refrain as Bush. Howard asked that we forget four long years of absolute disaster and mismanagement and grant more time to the occupiers to essentially wreak more havoc on a nation that only wishes for the removal of all foreign troops from its soil.


In characteristic fashion Howard avoided addressing real solutions. When solutions and strategies are required Howard only ever offers platitudes and slogans. "What Iraq and her people need now is time, not a timetable. They seek our patience, not political positioning. They require our resolve, not our retreat.” Howard’s paternalistic attitude to the Iraqi people is undisguised. His colonial racist mentality is an embarrassment to all Australians, the sooner Howard is held accountable for his war crimes the better. The Australian legal system is slowly but deliberately pursuing the ‘aluminium tubing’ Prime Minister for his many deliberate lies and crimes.

The overwhelming reality of an illegal invasion and war based on LIES smothers all attempts by anyone to legitimise the continued occupation of the war ravaged nation. The sooner charges are laid against Howard, Bush and Blair the sooner Iraq and the world would be able to return to a semblance of order and reconciliation. It is not difficult to grasp the fact that all people resent foreign domination. The invading, occupying, neo-colonial forces have one priority, the plunder of the precious oil resource. That is the reality of Iraq. How anyone could believe otherwise defies reason. Yet Howard and his conservatives continue to display their contempt for the population by insulting their intelligence with meaningless slogans and platitudes. Howard has only succeeded in further alienating the Australian public and reducing the chances of his party at the forthcoming elections.

Howard is one of the principal perpetrators of the most heinous war crime of the century. It is hoped that the recent offer from the ICC to register complaints against the coalition is acted upon by Iraqi officials; justice may yet be served and Howard, Bush and Blair may yet face a war crimes tribunal at the Hague.

It is staggering to think that a previous U.S. president (Nixon) was impeached and disgraced for the relatively minor offence of a break and enter, while Bush, Blair and Howard remain in contempt of the Law for war crimes!

Howard has clearly failed in his bid to distract and deceive the Australian public. The local population has finally become immune to the lies of the most dishonest prime minister in Australian history.

'Dick Cheney'
'Dick Cheney'

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