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Peace is Dead, give War a Chance
by nano Saturday, Jun 16 2007, 1:16pm
international / peace/war / opinion/analysis

As the Middle East explodes in factional and sectarian conflict the neo-cons gloat, John Bolton and Condi Rice revealed U.S. policy during the South Lebanon conflict, their non-interventionist policy encouraged the slaughter of children and civilians by Israeli forces – peace is clearly of no use to American interests! What does it matter if most of the Middle East tears itself apart, America stands to gain from the mayhem and bloodshed.

The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq has destabilised the whole region; the intentional destabilisation -- by oil interests -- now necessitates a military presence to ‘stabilise’ the situation, now why didn’t I think of that? Maybe its because I’m not prone to neo-con LIES or convoluted logic. American forces are now able to justify their occupation by claiming they are averting collapse and descent into the anarchy they have created! The permanent war doctrine of neo-cons and other Washington sociopaths has become a reality! But try as the mass media has, they have failed to blot the screams, blood and wholesale slaughter of innocents from our minds – we ALL KNOW the real price of a tank full of gas in today’s world!

War justifies everything from the most heinous crimes to the complete elimination of human rights and civil liberties. The powers afforded national leaders in times of war necessitated a terrorist attack (flying manuals, indeed) and the implementation of permanent war strategies to accelerate appropriation, plunder and eliminate all obstruction to Transnational interests. Peace proved cumbersome and awkward to deal with, profits were minimal and expansion was painfully slow but war cured all the dilemmas for big business. Its full speed and exploitation ahead – keep ‘em busy in factional conflicts while we rape everything in sight.

However, the larger portion of responsibility for the present insanity in the Middle East must be borne by local populations for falling victim to the oldest trick in the book, divide and conquer – worked like a dream in the Balkans so why not here? Build another base just like the other base and secure our spoils!

It hasn’t occurred to the warring factions that they are dancing to a very foreign tune, it is no secret that uniting against a common enemy would force the invader to leave – occupation would be impossible to legally justify. However, Arabs are not noted for their unity, the present idiocy in Palestine illustrates the point.

The malevolent and avaricious forces of the west are succeeding, the fact that Dubya Bush rates lower than Nixon in popularity serves only to distract from the real success of the entire plan -- world domination and colonial expansionism. Both major political parties in the U.S. are committed to the STOLEN oil resource in Iraq and there’s no avoiding that painful fact. We know why we tolerate the injustices and crimes, the USA runs on O-I-L and it must have it at any cost, Dubya was correct when he drew the analogy of an “ADDICTED” (junkie) and we all know that junkies will do anything for a hit! Today every tank of gas carries an extra cost in innocent blood, a fact that is impossible to ignore.

Oil is only the first of many limited resources that nations will fight over to the bitter end IF WE FOLLOW THE BRUTISH SOLUTIONS OF OUR PRESENT ‘LEADERS’. Traditional societies in the South Pacific have recently asserted their rights to their own land and resources -- sort of makes sense doesn’t it? Here in Australia, however, locals watch as essential services (education, health) deteriorate while FOREIGN interests rape/plunder the natural wealth of the nation; locals see little of the hundreds of billions in profits made by the Transnationals thanks to the treasonous government of John (lackey) Howard.

Today WAR takes precedence over LAW as is obvious by the immunity afforded to war criminals masquerading as national leaders. The reality today is clear and no amount of tears from Paris Hilton will distract from the fact. Corporate interests and their puppet governments are engaging in a global war for limited resources and nothing – no previous conventions, laws, borders, or whatever will stand in their way; that is today’s reality! The “long war” of the neo-cons has begun, they have succeeded in transforming the once awesome beauty of this world into something akin to Hades.

Yet there is a solution and as always it is simplicity itself – PEACE! Peace is the cessation of violence to others and to the environment. Peace is the foundation of mutual cooperation and harmony and only in those modes is the greater good and welfare guaranteed.

Peace is not passive it must be applied in the same way as one ceases to respond to an addictive habit. Peace is action without violence.

We are all responsible for every child that dies of starvation when trillions are spent (on war) so that WE are able to go for a Sunday drive – IF WE FAIL TO ACT THEN WE ARE THE REAL CRIMINALS, our pathetic leaders are simply a reflection of ourselves.

Our destiny has always been in our hands though most would prefer to believe that a handful of people determine the destiny of the world – RUBBISH – how are the few able to withstand the many, IMPOSSIBLE!

The responsibility is OURS; it is in our name the world is either won in harmony or lost to complacency or destruction.


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