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State of the Union
by cleaves Tuesday, Feb 15 2005, 5:32am
international / peace/war / feature

There has never been an instance in recorded history when a nation that achieved military superiority did not attempt to dominate other nations. This is the inevitable result of gaining a strategic or technological ‘advantage.’ In view of the historical record, is it unusual that America would abandon its founding principles in favour of despotism and the pursuit of world domination? The path the US has taken is not new; it is a tired well-worn path that leads to certain destruction.

Would we expect the leaders and people of the US to learn from history and avoid the known consequences of singular action and the isolationist mentality; or would we be forced by circumstance to unite in opposition against those who would attempt to impose their will on others? The irrefutable answer that history provides affirms the second option. In every instance aggressor nations were confronted by concerted opposition from the majority and destroyed.

If anyone expects the US to alter its course and somehow become the first nation in history not to succumb to the intoxicating mania borne of the mythology of superiority, then think again. The eight trillion dollar war debt that Bush and his neo-cons have inflicted on America is a sure proof and symptom of inevitable demise – this combined with the delusional ‘state of the union’ address in which Bush repeatedly stated that the union “is strong” defies rational logic. The orchestrated applause he received was overdone to the extreme; for analysts, the entire address indicated the state of the union is panic and desperation. The union is unravelling.

It would seem that the situation for the USA is hopeless; however, there is one possible remedy to awaken the nation from its profound stupor, and that is shock! What form that shock would take and the medium of delivery is surprisingly simple; however, to ‘spell it out’ would reduce it to discursive rhetoric, so it must remain unstated. Nevertheless, isolating the isolationists would be a good start.

America, with star-spangled phallus in one hand and delusion in the other, your future is predictable. Nothing can save a dream believer.

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