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"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire" -- Robert A Heinlein
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When 2nd is preferable
by major mitchell Sunday, Aug 5 2007, 9:47pm
international / peace/war / article

Few wish to be second in any type of endeavour; however, there is one occasion, among few others, where it is imperative to be second; and that is when a nation desires to detonate a nuclear weapon -- or more precisely, use nuclear weaponry in circumstances/conflicts that do NOT warrant their use. A little leak/rumour has it that a “dirty nuke” is to be detonated in the continental USA in order to justify the use of “bunker busters” on Iran and other areas of conflict.

déjà vu
déjà vu

Whether today’s wars are fought by State forces or fighting is out-sourced to mercenaries, few are able to afford – in every sense of that word – participating in the post-modern warfare of the 21st century. Enter the rustic ultra-right criminal logic of inept warriors and neocons. A violent attack or traumatic event on the home front is required to reduce opposition and garner the support of a shocked and traumatised public in order to facilitate and expedite American military expansionism in the Middle East and other strategic and resource rich areas!

The people have developed a tolerance to mobile ‘chemical labs’, tubes of baby ‘anthrax’ powder in televised UN speeches, New York buildings (WTC7) collapsing ‘sympathetically’ at the sight of the Twin Towers collapsing and US military strains of real anthrax sent through the mail to generate hysteria, fear and paranoia. In circumstances such as these it is simple to wage war and implement severe draconian new laws on the home front – Leo Strauss spelled out as much!

However, each succeeding tactical event must necessarily be more violent and traumatic than the last, hence the need for a dirty bomb and the severe impact such a device would have on American society – imagine it, a made for Hollywood event – the explosion that launched a million bunker busters and sanctioned the use of the deadliest weapons in the US military arsenal.

If you imagine the death toll of innocent Americans and the subsequent effects of radiation on those exposed serves to deter the deployment of such a device, think again. The more (devastation) the merrier, the greater the trauma and destruction the greater the scope for response. People who dismiss as collateral damage almost a million dead innocent civilians and another two million displaced civilians in Iraq have no conscience or any respect for human life whatsoever. Neo-cons pursue an insane vision; in order to realise their insane plan of world domination their own citizens become expendable and a means to an end. Do not underestimate cold-blooded murderers and criminal sociopaths – you may be glowing in the dark before you know it!

And don’t forget you heard it ‘second’ on this site!

[The author wishes to express thanks to a very brave insider/staffer whose moral code and character serves to inspire all Americans.]

WAR -- good for a few!
WAR -- good for a few!

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