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Democracy, my arse!
by Kit Friday, Sep 28 2007, 2:26pm
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Consider this, you duped, deluded, dunces! Oz has a population of 20 million yet the government has spent (since ’96) 1.5 BILLION of OUR taxpayers dollars on ADVERTISING alone – specifically for purposes of maintaining their hold on POWER! This situation raises many questions regarding the ‘free and fair’ society in which we live, not least the FARCE that democracy has become in Australia. How is it fair if the costs of informing/reaching the people amount to the above obscene figure – who is able to afford these sums? Of course the incumbent government by taxing us into oblivion; however, outside interests (that control our ‘democracy’) are easily able to afford these sums. The interests to which I refer are known to us all, the TAX MINIMISING Super Corporations plundering our resources and boasting profits of tens of billions per year, while returning virtually nothing to our society.

BHPBilliton plundering (and polluting) Oz
BHPBilliton plundering (and polluting) Oz

BHP-Billiton -- now the ugly Australian -- posted a record profit of “FIFTEEN fuckin’ BILLION” dollars last financial year while the public’s veins protrude on sweaty brows to meet the basic needs of shelter, food, education and health care for their families! Howard’s Australia is a success story for Corporate parasites and others who prey (‘bank fees’) on average Australians -- $600 for two dental fillings in John Howard’s new INEQUITABLE Australia!

The fact remains, however, that the interests that control 99% of OUR wealth are less than 2% of the population – who then is responsible for the present situation? I will spell it out, the cowardly Australian people cringing and crying in fear are responsible for the TRAVESTY that prevails in Oz today. The controlling factor is the majority that DOES NOT share in 99% of the (OUR) nation's wealth. However, cowering, cringing, cowards, whether they number ONE or ONE TRILLION, remain paralysed COWARDS!

Has it occurred to the population that the plundered BILLIONS in WEALTH actually belong to the nation but has been gifted to foreign interests by unscrupulous and scurrilous types like Howard and other laissez-faire capitalist, corporate puppets?

The looming elections afford the last opportunity for the ‘brave’ people of Oz to re-establish Traditional Australian Values and FAIR PLAY.

How is it possible that some Australians, Allan Moss, earn $35 million per annum and others earn less than $30 thousand? Ask yourself why YOU allowed your nation to be hijacked by liars, rogues and thieves – I have personally met Moss, he is nothing special or rather posses talents sewer rats have in abundance.

I need not elaborate further; Australia is not short on funds or wealth it is short on BALANCE, equity and fair play. But remember, cower in fear at the next elections and vote for either Johnny or Kevin, you bunch of despicable TURDS!

Restore Australian values, regain the nation – vote for anyone but the major parties! SEND YOUR MESSAGE LOUD AND CLEAR!

Every advertisement from the major parties designed to frighten will only frighten morons who cannot count and cowards, who deserve their fate!

[Forward this post to all concerned citizens!]

Macquarie Bank's, Allan 'the rat' Moss
Macquarie Bank's, Allan 'the rat' Moss

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