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Tit for Tat: Merkel and Mugabe
by yarra Monday, Dec 10 2007, 9:35pm
international / personal development / other press

Germany summoned Zimbabwe’s charge d’affaires to the foreign office for a Teutonic dressing down after the African nation’s foreign minister called Angela Merkel a “Nazi remnant” and “racist of the first order!” "It was made clear in strong terms that remarks like the ones made about the chancellor are in no way tolerable," a German spokesman said. Furthermore, if Mugabe or any of his government representatives continue to slander the right-wing, Bush-loving, Merkel, Germany promises to invade, concentrate and gas the sub-human African population. Mugabe and his ministers will be reduced to soap and their skin made into lampshades!

Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

World leaders remind us of our pre-school days. If Mugabe and Merkel do not kiss and hold hands then they will miss out on play-lunch and finger painting class.

This report may not be entirely accurate but is closer to the truth than anything the Bush administration has said since taking office.

For more details see:

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

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