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Black Africans give world a lesson in Asymmetric Warfare
by Captain Tuesday, Nov 18 2008, 1:11am
international / human rights / commentary

Superpowers are in shock over the news that Somali pirates have seized a super tanker three times the size of an aircraft carrier off the coast of Kenya! Perhaps we should recall the destructive actions of the USA around the globe but particularly in Somalia. The national economy is completely ruined; faced with starvation or slavery, Somalis have developed a lucrative sub-economy from the proceeds of piracy.

Sirius Star
Sirius Star

It is only fitting that a super tanker laden with precious oil and destined for America is taken. A HUGE ransom will no doubt be paid and perhaps idiot America may learn to fully assess the long-term consequences of its mindless, violent actions? In contrast, China continues to develop oil and other African resources in partnership with local governments. The question remains, will MORON, ‘Wyatt Earp,’ finally learn that INVADED PEOPLE HAVE A TENDENCY TO FIGHT BACK; NO ONE TOLERATES FOREIGN INVADERS AND MURDERING THIEVES IN THEIR HOMELAND, Doh! Think on these things when you are kicked out of Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, Uncle.

Somalis may also be sending a clear message to the new, black, puppet/slave American President – one need not serve or acquiesce to foreign imperial powers. I feel an identity crisis coming on, Barack! We take this opportunity to reinforce the notion that Obama is a ‘white’ man!

American ruling elites thought it expedient to keep their population ignorant and ‘dumbed down.’ The dumber America gets the smarter the world! Western naval commanders are in awe of the audacity and tactical sophistication of Somali seafarers. AFP report follows:

Admiral stunned by 'very good' pirates

The top US military officer says he is "stunned" by the reach of Somali pirates who seized a Saudi supertanker - the size of a US aircraft carrier - 730 kilometres off the coast of Africa.

Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called piracy a growing problem that needed to be addressed.

But he said there were limits to what the world's navies could do once a ship had been captured because national governments often preferred to pay pirates ransom.

"I'm stunned by the range of it, less so than I am the size," Admiral Mullen said of the seizure of the Sirius Star on Sunday by armed men.

The huge, oil-laden prize was about 730 kilometres east of Kenya when it was boarded, he said.

That is the furthest out at sea that a ship has been seized in the latest surge of piracies, Admiral Mullen said. He said the pirates were "very good at what they do".

"They're very well armed. Tactically, they are very good. "And so, once they get to a point where they can board, it becomes very difficult to get them off, because, clearly, now they hold hostages.

"The question then becomes, well, what do you do about the hostages? And that's where the standoff is.

"That's a national question to ask based on the flag of the vessel. And the countries by and large have been paying the ransom that the pirates have asked," he said.

The number of successful piracies had gone down, but the incidence of ship seizures was way up, he said.

"It's got a lot of people's attention and is starting to have impact on the commercial side, which I know countries raise as a concern," he said.

"And so there's a lot more focus on this. It's a very serious issue. It's a growing issue. And we're going to continue to have to deal with it," he said.
© 2008 The Sydney Morning Herald

'Sir' Francis Drake, Pirate!
'Sir' Francis Drake, Pirate!

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