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Melbourne hosts Cult Conman
by numbat Monday, Apr 20 2009, 11:59am
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

There should be a law against stupidity but then America would be a prison nation – it does in fact have the largest prison population in the world! I raise this issue prior to launching into a travelling con artist, known as David Icke. This man subscribes to the theory that lizard people rule the world! If you think that is crazy what would you think of people that actually pay to hear this con artist speak? We believe a post-'lecture' DVD pack will soon be available for a mere $50 -- who needs the Golden Fleece when it is easier to fleece the dumb Australian public? ‘There’s one born every minute’ or my favourite quote for these occasions; “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity” – Robert Heinlein.

David 'lizard' Icke
David 'lizard' Icke

Lizard people ruling the world, for fuck’s sake! What next? Melbourne has nothing to be proud of hosting this con artist/exploiter of gullible space cadets, mental lepers, retards, schizo’s and the walking brain dead – pass the medication please!

But how does this event relate to America? Aha, I caught you thinking didn’t I? A rare event these days!

America, the nation that flouts International Law and the Geneva Convention, recently announced that it would not prosecute war criminals and known torturers – it is far too busy spreading ‘liberty, democracy and freedom’ around the globe at the point of a gun! To date American ‘freedom’ has cost Indo-China four million innocent lives and Iraq one million innocent lives but those statistics do not register on the mass mind. The fact that these crimes also cast American leaders in the same mould as the heinous mass murderers of the past also seems to escape notice; no matter, our leaders are all lizards anyway – according to David Icke!

The latest outrageous example of a population that hocked its collective brain for a penny’s worth of feeble propaganda is the American-Iranian spy case. An American of Iranian background posing as a journalist has been jailed in Iran on espionage charges after a court judged her to be guilty of the crime of spying (for America).

U.S. newswires are crammed with stories of this poor ‘innocent’ woman’s plight YET the U.S. has a record of INACTION on the most heinous crime known to civilised humans, TORTURE! However, the issue is America bitterly complaining that the woman only received a “fifteen minute” trial – well that’s an improvement on illegal kidnapping and detention, known euphemistically as “extraordinary rendition,” you see, Americans believe that if you re-name TORTURE as “waterboarding” for instance or kidnapping and illegal incarceration as “rendition” that somehow makes it all perfectly legal – lizard people seem less preposterous after a good dose of the above American ‘logic!’

The yanks continue to squeal that the hapless 'spy' only received a 15 minute trial; whereas the victims of ‘rendition,’ and the poor souls illegally detained at the Guantanamo Bay TORTURE FACILITY, have been DENIED the right to challenge their persecutors in a court of law – NO TRIAL or the right of HABEAS CORPUS for them! Against the background of American HYPOCRISY a fifteen minute trial is looking good.

The above examples serve to highlight the simple fact that the masses have lost the ability to think and reason – so why not entertain a conman talking shit and fleecing the public, at least he’s not torturing people? [Though personally, I would've had him arrested on a public health misdemeanour!]

If a population is able to accept such flagrant injustices and heinous crimes from our leadership then why not believe that lizards are ruling the world and pay handsomely to hear the greatest load of codswallop since Colin Powell performed at the UN!

The cherry on the irrational cake is the name of the Australian sponsors of this pommy conman, “Truth Movement Australia” – perfect!


Reading Icke's lizard conspiracy book (PDF) may be in breach of copyright -- user discretion advised.

Convicted spy, Roxana Saberi
Convicted spy, Roxana Saberi

PDF Document The Biggest Secret (A Feast for Fools)

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