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Media Toxic
by quill Friday, Mar 26 2010, 8:14pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

Interesting concept and extremely powerful REALITY today; in a media saturated world (thanks Rupert) it was only a matter of time before media consumers became familiar with the tricks and machinations of the trade – that time is NOW!

Kevin 'sincere' Rudd
Kevin 'sincere' Rudd

When does the mass media become DESTRUCTIVE of the subjects/objects it wishes to sell/promote or when does the media, regardless of intent and the best expertise, poison the people it once catapulted to fame or power?

Nowhere is media over-exposure more destructive than in the world of politics. People now keenly observe every twitch, grimace and strained ‘wooden’ expression on the faces of our UNREPRESENTATIVE leaders.

A recent media debate between the incumbent (media addicted) Australian leader, Kevin ‘photo-op’ Rudd and his opponent Tony ‘errand boy’ Abbott is a case in point. Rudd was CLEARLY exposed as the reprehensible FRAUD he really is – the cameras in this debate became lethal weapons, Rudd’s INSINCERITY became so painfully obvious viewers could almost taste it. The opposition leader, sensing Rudd’s insincerity, challenged the incumbent to a series of media debates confident in the knowledge that on every occasion the PM performed before the cameras he would be self-destructing!

Indeed, the most notable recent example of a (former) leader self-destructing before the cameras was the now infamous – Youtube deleted – examples of Tony Blair performing before the Chilcot Inquiry.

Blair was easily identified as a pathological personality; a sick SOCIOPATH who displayed not the slightest remorse or feeling for his actions, which resulted in over one million INNOCENT civilian deaths, four million displaced persons and a ruined – now puppet – State!

The public today, largely as a result of media saturation (thanks again Rupert) have become immunised against the best weapon minority ruling elites have! The reprehensible criminals in power are fully aware old methods and formulas, once relied upon to deceive the masses, are no longer effective – crying shame isn’t it, gentlemen? They, the criminals that inhabit high office in the public and private sectors, are acutely aware they will soon be held accountable and may possibly end up hanging from elevated public fixtures!

Today it can confidently be stated that those who live by the media, die by the media – mass media toxicity is today a lethal REALITY, isn’t it, Mr Rudd? From the comfort of our lounge rooms, every strained expression and mannerism/gesture of our fraudulent, insincere leaders becomes a grotesque portrait in reality!

Interestingly the toxic effect only applies to the mass media. The so far un-abused alternative media is free of the toxic effect – but we needn’t advise fifth rate consultants to ruling criminal elites of the facts or new methodologies. The 'good ol’ days' of open criminality and impunity are fast approaching end!

Astute social/cultural navigators and potential leaders should challenge over-exposed, incumbent puppet frauds to open debates at every opportunity. Let the public get an eye-full!

Have a nice over-exposed day, gentlemen!

[How sweet it is!]

Abbott watches Rudd performing for cameras NOT the people!
Abbott watches Rudd performing for cameras NOT the people!

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