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Bodies in Space
by rayn Tuesday, Jun 22 2010, 11:14pm
international / prose/poetry / literature

(for nuke and drum)


there is an erroneous view
that rogue bodies
cavort randomly
in space;
however, deeper examination
reveals that no such Reality exists;
(it becomes evident).

All bodies dance in rhythmic interrelation,
in accordance with/to
lesser and/or greater dynamic patterns of
mutually affective energies.

everything that exists,
exists (and is defined) by/in relation to another
(there is no light without ‘dark’)
and on it goes.

dynamics are created based on
mutual attraction/aversion
and inclination.

[therefore] no accidents or
random events occur
in this infinite continuum.

we encounter (each other) ‘collide’
as a result of mutual attraction
and separate when an evolutionary
creates a variation
that attracts
different energies necessary for continued
we do not meet by accident
in our journey
to completion/fulfilment.

galaxies continue to birth
myriad Suns, planets, solar systems;
cosmic bodies sweating,
dancing unrestricted
in bliss, ecstasy,
how could i restrict/confine Love?

i thought of two, with me, three
gushing galaxies
imbibing universes

audio Bob Marley - Stir It Up
audio Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

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