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American journos defend criminal Government NOT Democracy
by stan Tuesday, Jul 27 2010, 10:30pm
international / mass media / commentary

Hardly surprising but at least CONFIRMED; mainstream American journos are servile lapdogs to minority interests -- journalism's core values to society betrayed.


Salon reports that the New York Times sought clearance from the government before publishing material in the PUBLIC and legal INTEREST; notwithstanding the material clearly exposes criminal activity and INCOMPETENCE in ‘high office.’

Fortunately Australian hacker and WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, remembers that journos once had a responsibility to the people, specifically to ensure that Liberty, Freedom and Democracy were NEVER COMPROMISED by any government or other interests.

If you ever wondered why so many exposed American and allied war criminals have never faced trial then wonder no more – mainstream journos refuse to defend the public interest and pursue JUSTICE and FREEDOM.

Have a nice uninformed day!

It was revealed on the local ABC Lateline program tonight, 29 July, that Julian Assange was aware that NYT editors were "mediating" a request for the government to vet the material released in order to prevent any possible harm to 'innocents' -- it was also reported the U.S. government declined the offer. Nevertheless, the fact remains -- U.S. and most other mainstream journos serve minority Corporate interests rather than the interests of the public!

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