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CIA, Assange: Smear attack encounters Teflon Truth
by rake Sunday, Aug 22 2010, 9:26pm
international / mass media / commentary

"It seems an unusual time [for Julian Assange] to embark on a career of multiple rape," said Guardian journalist David Leigh.

The absurd allegations of "rape" and "molestation" made against the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, are as transparent as they are imbecilic -- American initiated of course!

The Swedish prosecutor has dropped charges against Assange stating that they lacked "substance" -- fill in the gaps yourselves.

However, Assange's 'real' secret life and the 'truth' is known to some of us; Assange likes to indulge in cocaine and prefers to be fellated by men -- isn't that right Barack Obama, you pathetic, lackey, fag?

While the world eagerly waits for the latest devastating leaked revelations, do your fuckin' best, you 'sepo' lamers -- darn it, jethro!

Final note for mainstream journalists everywhere; you people are pathetic!

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