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The LAW is a WHORE
by gus Monday, Feb 21 2011, 9:02pm
international / injustice/law / opinion/analysis

What passes for Western Law and Justice these days would constitute crimes only a few decades past; the so-called ‘independent’ judiciary has been thoroughly corrupted and appropriated by Corporate interests in the US and other Western Nations – the Law no longer serves society and the people it SERVES elite, criminal interests.

'Justice' -- by Banksy
'Justice' -- by Banksy

The legalising of T-O-R-T-U-R-E in the US is perhaps the most lucid indicator of the failure of American society and International Legal Institutions. The flagrant BIAS of the Hague Courts, which are prohibited from prosecuting NATO and US allies, is not only an affront to common reason/justice but EVIDENCE that criminal forces are active at the highest levels of Western Society – GLOBALLY!

Consider the ABSURDITY of a witness or any member of the public that finds themselves in a Court facing an order to tell the ‘truth’ when the WORLD is aware of the LIE of WMD and the criminality of the Iraq invasion! The Truth and facts of Iraq speak for themselves; NO WMD, an illegal invasion, which resulted in over one million civilian deaths; destruction and mass murder that make former dictator, Saddam Hussein, look like an angel, and I do not exaggerate. Verify the death and destruction for which the West bears direct responsibility for yourself – the known torture and murder record of Saddam Hussein pales in comparison.

Add to this the CONTINUING, EXPANDED use of CIA Drone ‘warfare,’ which, in plain contravention of the Geneva and other conventions, indiscriminately kills numerous women, children and other civilians, and the REALITY of criminal government becomes undeniable.

If the above is not enough proof then consider Wall Street ROGUES, none of whom have faced a Court for their collusion and the numerous FRAUDS they perpetrated which brought down the entire global economy. And to think, we have bank robbers in jail for 30 years for stealing a few thousand dollars, Wall Street Banksters and Rogues stole $TRILLIONS, that’s ‘justice’ at work!

The crimes of today and the FAILURES of our legal institutions are of Encyclopaedic proportions but the most searing affront to any sense of raw justice is that none of the culpable and others responsible for the most heinous crimes of the new century have ever been brought to trial; in fact, their Corporate masters regularly laud their ‘criminal achievements’ with book releases, dinners and lectures. It HAS come to this; the effrontery of the criminal ruling elites, knows no bounds.

If you ever find yourself in a Court of ‘law,’ take nothing for granted not even the word truth. Before proceeding establish over which entity the court pretends to have its now clearly perverse ‘authority’ and determine in whose interests the Court acts. It will soon become evident the Courts no longer represent the interests of the people but serve their Corporate masters via criminal governments.

It is recommended, for obvious reasons, to avoid Courts and Lawyers like the plague; however, if you find yourself facing the coercive powers of a criminal State do not hope to be victorious – it is THEIR ‘ball park.’ No one gets out ‘victorious;’ everyone is relieved of funds and/or precious liberties -- be advised, today the Western legal system has become a corrupt and biased criminal facilitator.

Where there is no Law there is no civil society; at some stage the people will be forced to re-establish the legal codes prior to their subversion by corrupt, criminal forces.

It will soon dawn on the masses that it is THEIR WORLD and THEIR SOCIAL SYSTEM, not the ‘property’ or plaything of a tiny minority of crafty criminals.

"War is a Racket" -- Dramatised version of Smedley Butler 1933 Speech

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