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Assange accuses Oz PM Gillard of Treason and intimates he has evidence
by quin Monday, Mar 14 2011, 9:55am
international / mass media / commentary

After her disgusting gushing speech to the US Congress, and her huge LIE regarding imposing the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax on the Oz public, the Australian Prime Minister’s approval rating is so low snakes have no trouble sliding over it.

Assange via video link on Q&A
Assange via video link on Q&A

Whether Julian Assange took this opportunity to ‘put the slipper into’ someone who is already down or whether it was just coincidence, we do not know but Assange, via a video link from the UK, where he is currently under house arrest, asked Gillard who she really represents/serves, Oz or Washington (inferred)?

Assange also accused Gillard of supplying compromising information on WikiLeaks' volunteers to a foreign power, which is clearly not in the interests of Oz citizens but is in the interests of Washington. In characteristic style Assange intimated he had evidence proving his accusations, however, Assange is also known as someone that has a bad habit of not following through on some accusations -- Bank of America is the best example to date.

So, Julian, if you have the ‘goods’ on Gillard or any other high ranking Oz official, then let’s have it or face losing even more ‘cred.’ If your appearance on Q&A was just another narcissistic grab for a TV spot, then drop dead, glamour boy!

If you’re not already aware, you are no longer the topic of conversation over lattés or ‘Martinis,’ dear chap. Failed anarchists have never been a popular topic among ‘gifted’ intellectuals.

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