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Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, where’s the Love?
by Kismo Thursday, Mar 17 2011, 10:42pm
international / mass media / commentary

One can’t help but notice headlines like that (link below) but the inference couldn’t be further from the TRUTH – there is NO LOVE in a Corporate that marries the CIA, a KNOWN (MURDERING) QUANTITY, and forms a partnership of evil SURVEILLANCE on ALL Internet users -- verifiable fact #1.

Eric 'corporatist' Schmidt
Eric 'corporatist' Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, the largest data trawling, storage and data search Company on the planet, knows the value of his accumulated data and how it is utilised to manipulate search results and attack, via its CIA partner, anyone that opposes the CORPORATIST AGENDA -- which is destroying the planet as I write!

Just take a look at this thing (see pic) masquerading as a human being – if a picture is worth a thousand words then a picture of a FACE tells it all – and what a ghastly sight this CORPORATIST makes.

Google’s excuse for forming a working partnership with the MURDERING CIA -- one of the world’s most evil and LAWLESS organisations -- is to prevent ‘terrorist attacks’ by monitoring the Internet in real time in order to identify certain trends. This totally absurd excuse beggars belief as anyone in the IT industry would inform you that Google accumulates LITERAL data, therefore even the simplest abstract code, a 12yo could crack, defies detection by an insentient computer; so-called ‘terrorists’ would NEVER openly and literally state their intentions/plans over the Internet, I’m sure even the average American moron is able to grasp this simple but very REVEALING fact.

So, it’s goodbye to the now very worn and tattered ‘terrorist threat’ excuse. [Thinking people are always on the alert for anyone that uses that tired ‘terrorist’ excuse -- it immediately identifies Corporatists and their lackeys. That is HUMAN monitoring and deduction in action, Schmidt, you transparent clown.]

What Google and the CIA are really doing is monitoring everyone on the internet who opposes a particular world view, in other words it’s just more BIG BROTHER SURVEILLANCE for dumbarses that confess all in literal form to social networks and chats; like sexual preferences, personal habits, political views etc. Alienated people do this in the vain hope they might attract ‘real friends,’ in an unreal ‘digital’ medium, get it? Social alienation now wears a non-alienated ‘friendly’ mask. Nevertheless, all the (desperate) information is monitored down to the last comma and stop by Google and its CIA partner!

For those Americans unable to add 2+2, consider the highly personal questions asked by social networks such as sexual orientation, habits, religious/philosophical views, likes/dislikes and political views etc; it all makes the job of identification/profiling much easier for FUTURE OPPRESSIVE MEASURES – where did YOU think all this monitoring and surveillance was going, you lonely, brainless, desperados?

Of course, REAL opponents and subversives of evil CORPORATISTS and their enforcement arm, the Pentagon and CIA, are miles ahead of the game. They monitor Google monitoring their ‘honey-pots’ and ‘real’ sites. Incontrovertible mathematical proof now exists that Google has begun manually intervening in order to disadvantage certain sites in search results. This intervention predominantly occurs from Google’s head office at Mountain View, California. Our hackers and mathematicians easily identify algorithms as against manual intervention. In other words, the 'digital sword' cuts both ways, the monitored are doing the monitoring and collecting valuable data on Google as EVIDENCE for perhaps the EU anti-trust case or for future legal action against Google for whoever may benefit from this valuable information -- which CLEARLY indicates illegal tampering by Google's CRIMINAL (moron) staff and/or other CORPORATIST lackeys!

It matters not if Google's interventions are sanctioned by the criminal CIA, this is a matter of Corporate or Commercial Law – good luck ‘Googes,’ cos your gonna need it!

Screwed by SKILL and EXPERTISE again, Mr moron CEO – rofl

As for the CIA and Pentagon just keep killing innocent civilians for CORPORATE PROFITS, you're sure to ’win’ that way. [Dumb and dumber!]

Since this interview Google/Schmidt has entered into a Surveillance Partnership with the CIA -- that's 'Integrity' for you!

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‘Anonymous’ puts central banks on notice, demands Bernanke resign
by Stephen C. Webster via gan - Raw Story Friday, Mar 18 2011, 8:44am

Decentralized protest group "Anonymous" has encountered many foes in the past: Sarah Palin, PayPal, the Church of Scientology, MasterCard, the Westboro Baptists and even the governments of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, to name a few.

But now, one of the group's members has issued a call for perhaps their most audacious campaign yet: civil disobedience against the private central banking system that underpins all the world's industrial economies.

In a little-noticed video published Sunday, one "Anonymous" calls for the dawning of "Operation Empire State Rebellion": a "relentless campaign of peaceful resistance" against organizations that participate in they termed the "control" of large populations through pieces of paper and bits of data.

They also called for US Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's resignation.

It reamains to be seen whether this operation will succeed in drawing the support of other members of "Anonymous." It was also unclear what exactly they had planned, or even if they could prove to be more than mere annoyance to the world's banking cartels.

But then again, ostensibly the same group did take down MasterCard for a day.

However, as with most "Anonymous" operations, it was impossible to say whether this proposal came from a known member of the group, someone on its fringes or a source outside of "Anonymous" entirely.

The Department of Defense said recently it was opening an investigation into "Anonymous" after someone allegedly threatened to release the personal information of soldiers guarding Pvt. Bradley Manning, an American accused of leaking secret data to WikiLeaks.

Pentagon officials also said that "Anonymous" sought to interfere with communications at the Quantico, Virginia military base where Manning was being held.

Copyright applies.

every move u make including ...
by sting Saturday, Mar 19 2011, 12:21am

extensive logging complete with screen grabs, u dumb fucks -- keep at it and try to defend your outrageous bias later -- did we hurt your feelings Mr CEO?

key search phrases from Google have ceased since posting the above article on the 18th. Backgrounding if not de-listing in progress, for WHAT? FREE SPEECH and exercising DEMOCRATIC rights!

Do your worst you FASCIST, CORPORATIST filth!

steady crew
by f Saturday, Mar 19 2011, 7:17am

greetz to all

maintain focus, adhere to principles -- de-listing by Google is meaningless ... u have proven your point ... keep all compromising data until opportune time -- now is obviously not that time ... patience IS a virtue -- save it for the global purging of the criminal executive class

under no circumstances allow yourselves to be drawn by the corporatists ... you have forced their hand in public cos you are anonymous .. got it? sort urselves at the next clave.

i think i'm turning japanese -- salutations to the old one.

next time 'o)

shoddy blacklisting
by sting Sunday, Mar 20 2011, 7:36am

Not quite right Mr CEO! Our logs reveal that you have effectively stopped all keyword searches to the site's textual content BUT we continue to receive hits from Google for images/pics. If you do something, Eric, do it right, you LAME prick!

We can't thank you enough for alerting the WORLD to your pathologically morbid sensitivity -- in other words you are a severely flawed hyper-reactive personality, not stable at all! Good luck in your new environment/job, LOSER -- your personal staff know it all too well.

Schmidt blows it, BIG TIME!
by sting Sunday, Mar 20 2011, 11:30pm

Oi, Eric, has the penny dropped yet; have u worked out the alias, 'sting' yet?

u should've known this site is not read by the masses but is heavily read and trawled by every agency in the world, East and West -- can u see ur career opportunities narrowing, u dimwit? How u even got to middle management is becoming a mystery.

It is INCONSEQUENTIAL to the mission of this site whether Google de-lists, blacklists or backgrounds -- tho we find it amusing to witness your thinned-skinned antics.

our readership is select, they know who we are and we know (You) them, all too well!

Our readers are select and targeted -- the intel agencies have no choice but to constantly monitor, read, analyse and report to their superiors -- more career opportunities evaporating as i write, poor pathological Schmidt, u really blew it, NOW EVERYBODY -- 'who counts' -- KNOWS the 'CALIBRE' of the (former) Google CEO, Eric 'personality flawed' Schmidt. U seem to have a penchant for major blunders, u clown.

if it's any consolation we've been leading the lot of u by the nose for years -- it's a matter of intelligence, skill and superior strategy -- regardless of how infuriating our content appears to be, u are all forced to continue evaluating it.

Kiss what was left of your reputation and career options goodbye, imbecile! U've been outsmarted and outmaneuvered at every turn -- it was simply a matter of SUPERIOR abilities and skill, that simple.

As we dared b4 -- do ur worst, idiot -- the TARGET IS YOU!

by reader Tuesday, Mar 22 2011, 9:21pm

thank you, sting.

you not only deftly revealed how severely flawed one corporatist and member of the Bilderberg group is but also how deeply afraid he (they) really are.

good job. keep up the good work.

by sting Tuesday, Mar 22 2011, 9:35pm

thank you reader, for your kind and insightful support.

it is my pleasure to serve the community and public in this way but i cannot take sole credit as the strategy was the result of group work.

everything on this site is produced by a team and credit goes to everyone directly and indirectly involved.

by shadow (cough) - wanker anonymous Saturday, Mar 26 2011, 7:04am

check the link first.

principles r correct though the dude is totally suss

nevertheless, any respectable coder could develop such an app easily -- it could spell the end of the outrageously manipulated and biased search results of Corporate search engines -- the hard part as always is getting users on board.

all u have to do to confirm the gross bias and unfairness of major SE's is ask their Execs or CEO to categorically confirm that their service is fair and equal to ALL sites and does not disadvantage anyone! you may be surprised by the answer -- prob why the question is NEVER asked - lol

big girl
by flossy Sunday, Jun 19 2011, 8:28pm

Schmidt has proven himself an over-reactive, thin-skinned girl -- who's gonna give you a job, Schmidt, a bigger girl/fool than you? Hopeless!

If this is the calibre of Bilderbergers, they are clearly finished -- pathetic!

watch him jump
by cam Monday, Jun 20 2011, 7:07am

almost immediately after the above posting, our one word search, failed to list where its been listing for years, Mr big girl, Schmidt -- you are OWNED by a single unfavourable comment, you screaming, insecure, hysterical girl -- HILARIOUS! And YOU hope to secure (in ur dreams) a good job somewhere after your miserable tenure at Goog, you DUNCE.

Why don't u go the whole hog and just de-list, you wimp; be a REAL American and do your dirtiest -- we're shaking in a digital boots, clown.

We're PROVING TO THE BROADER community/READERSHIP that SITES that publish without fear or favour ARE ABLE TO SURVIVE very comfortably WITHOUT GOOGLE!

Ours is a task specific, tailored site, which survives on subscription, syndication (RSS) and mailouts -- we had a huge newsletter readership before the site was created, moron. Do ur worst, u pathetic little girl and DE-LIST IF ur teeny BONSAI BALLS r up to it!

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