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Corporatists Guilty of Criminal Negligence Avoid Prosecution
by judd Sunday, Apr 3 2011, 11:10pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

A host of Oil and associated Corporations were exposed as criminally negligent after the catastrophic Oil spill and loss of life in the Gulf of Mexico. So too Tokyo Electric, another Corporation guilty of the most heinous criminal fraud and deception -- to the great cost of the environment, Japan and the WORLD. [The Fukushima NUCLEAR nightmare promises to be the worst ever recorded.]

Fukushima Nuclear plant out of control
Fukushima Nuclear plant out of control

Characteristic of these criminal events is the curious lack of PROSECUTION of those CLEARLY responsible for criminal negligence, fraud and criminal deception. It would seem that the same (Corporate) forces that control today’s governments also control the legal system and the Courts, as the lack of accountability and legal action against Corporatists and corrupt politicians has taken on SCANDALOUS proportions.

But what has society learned or done to rectify the situation? Nothing it would seem, as few strong and sustained demands for JUSTICE are evident today!

It is the PEOPLE that must accept responsibility for allowing criminals to commit heinous crimes with impunity; as it is abundantly CLEAR that no other social force acts in the peoples’ interests. We need not wonder how or why Corporatists avoid prosecution when they are CONSTANTLY ACTIVE in their corrupt criminal pursuits to consolidate their influence at every level of society.

The question arises, should the people continue to PASSIVELY accept Legal DOUBLE STANDARDS? Average citizens continue to be harshly treated by the corrupt legal system and incarcerated for minor misdemeanours -- a man was recently sentenced to 30 days jail for blowing bubble gum in Court! This sentence was applied while KNOWN MASS MURDERERS and heinous Corporate criminals contemptuously and arrogantly scoff at the LAW and remain free from prosecution!

I recall an event in Sydney where a Judge applied a ruling in the Family Court that effectively usurped a (European) husband's traditional role as father-provider of his home ‘castle.’

The result of that insensitive decision was that persons unknown placed a few sticks of gelignite at the front door of the Judges residence and pressed the bell. Needless to say, the judge and half his house were blown to bits! An outcome of personal justice in the eyes of the offended party no doubt – honour was restored and the Family Court was immediately restructured and now considers cultural matters. The POINT IS MADE to highlight that the action of a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL – still at large -- reshaped an entire Legal Jurisdiction.

It seems that when unfair and unjust treatment is meted out to the Judiciary CHANGE immediately occurs! I do not condone individual violent action but cite this example to demonstrate the potential for organised action to bring criminal Corporatists and corrupt treasonous politicians to trial. The LAW is only effective if it serves the interests of Society not the interests of white-collar criminals as it clearly does today.

Criminal Corporatists and others in high office should be cognisant of the fact that they ‘bleed’ like anyone else!

When the Legal system FAILS the onus and Legal prerogative immediately RETURNS to the PEOPLE. A MORAL, responsible society/culture is easily able to RESTORE a fair and impartial Legal System.


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Tokyo Electric dumps irradiated water into sea
by crab Tuesday, Apr 5 2011, 9:10pm

thousands of tons of irradiated water in holding tanks a Fukushima is being dumped into the open sea by TEPCO in order to accommodate the storage of thousands more tons of highly dangerous radioactive water -- now there's a fiasco in logic!

The safe level of radiation exposure for humans has also been INCREASED by 100%!! That is, 100 units of exposure has now been increased to 200 units -- only in Japan is this diabolical logic in action!

ALL radioactive radiation is poison the fact that low levels take years to kill is providing a cover for criminally negligent Corporatists from GE and TEPCO.

Two things have become painfully evident from the Fukushima catastrophe:

1. There is no such thing as safe nuclear energy.

2. Corporatists are criminals by nature.

It remains to be seen what the public will do to exact justice. However, it should not be forgotten that criminal Corporatists function above the law! 'How's dem irradiated apples' (and fish) for YOU useless paralysed EXPENDABLE SLAVES -- you deserve everything you get, suckers.

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