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Above and Below today’s Law
by styx Tuesday, Apr 19 2011, 10:50pm
international / injustice/law / commentary

Brand this story into your mind and realise YOUR current status and the nature of the WORLD and the prevailing INJUSTICES of the day. Ask yourself how many Wall Street Bankers have been jailed for F-R-A-U-D for consciously ruining the Global Economy and devastating the lives of so many people. For those unaware of that prevailing LEGAL TRAVESTY, the answer is NONE, not one! I reiterate, not one heinous, white-collar criminal/banker has even faced Court for their WIDELY KNOWN (criminal fraud) OFFENCES!

Now consider how many average citizens are incarcerated for misdemeanours and other trivial and social ‘crimes’ such as smoking pot OR, as in the following case, blowing bubble gum in court! No doubt such a ‘heinous’ bubble gum offence must be dealt with with the full force of elitist ‘LAW’ -- 30 fuckin’ days jail for fuckin’ blowing bubble gum in court while MASS MURDERERS and KNOWN TORTURERS, Bush, Cheney, Blair, Howard etc, remain FREE to gloat and laugh at the spineless sheeple/slaves that ACCEPT such monstrous INJUSTICES and searing unfairness!

What the fuck is the matter with you ‘people’/jelly fish? You get screwed in the arse and wear it, your loved ones are murdered and you seek no justice or revenge, your mothers, wives and daughters are raped and your sons killed and YOU just bow your SLAVE heads; I never thought I’d see the day but HERE it is staring everyone in their COWARDLY faces.

The earth shattering reason for this ABSURD imbalance/situation is that tiny minority elites/CRIMINALS are organised and work in their common interest but the VAST MAJORITY of people remain disorganised/divided and alienated by DESIGN – and guess by whose design, you fuckin’ morons?

Nothing more mysterious than MUTUAL COOPERATION, a little organisation and perseverance allows a tiny number of individuals to wreak havoc on the planet, OUR LIVES and lord over 99.9% of humanity – for Christ’s sake!


If our social institutions ignore REASONABLE demands FOR LEGAL JUSTICE then the alternative is CLEAR, HANG THE CORRUPT CRIMINAL FUCKERS from the nearest light poles or any other suitable fixtures, in full view for everyone too see.

You will come to LEARN that the only good Corporatist executive is a DEAD Executive.

Believe this, (only) TEN disciplined, dedicated and ORGANISED individuals could turn this corrupt system on its ear by dispensing ‘real justice’ wherever and whenever necessary -- what could a thousand or MORE UNITED individuals do?

Embrace each other in single minded purpose; ERADICATE the criminal filth that have hijacked our Democracies – RESTORE society and live in peace and harmony, it's easy! All the wars that rage today are manufactured by Corporatists and their agenda for world domination and a two tier society, with you, the masses as EXPENDABLE SLAVES!

Now choke on the following story and be aware of the COSTS and tribulation the victim NEEDLESSLY suffered to overturn an outrageous ruling:

Bubble gum blower wins Supreme Court appeal
by Mark Dunn

BUBBLE gum blower Mirza Zukanovic was feeling a bit more inflated after a Supreme Court judge quashed his conviction for contempt of court.

In a judicial review of the chewing gum controversy, Justice Jack Forrest said although courts had a right to insist on due respect for authority, Mr Zukanovic had been denied "procedural fairness" when he was charged, convicted and sentenced by Magistrate Rodney Crisp who took offence at the defendant blowing a bubble in his direction at Moorabbin Magistrates' Court in June 2010.

"It is fundamental to the administration of justice that where a court's authority is challenged the judicial officer can take steps, including the laying of a charge of contempt to preserve the authority of the court," Justice Forrest said.

But he said "firmness must be accompanied by fairness" and ruled Magistrate Crisp had not given Mr Zukanovic the chance to either seek legal advice on the charge, to plead guilty or not guilty, or call evidence in his own defence.

As a result, Justice Forrest quashed the conviction, for which Mr Zukanovic was sentence to a month's jail - of which he spent some 12 hours in custody.

© 2011 Herald and Weekly Times
[Who the fuck is ‘Rodney’ Crisp, anyway? He ‘breathes’ the same air as the rest of us!]

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