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'Hollywood' Osama Bin Laden’s body taken off ice today
by stylus Sunday, May 1 2011, 9:36pm
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President of nothing, Baa’rack Obaa’maa, is about to belatedly announce the death of ‘Hollywood Bin Laden,’ (HBL) who served the Bush presidency and the Corporatist agenda well – the man definitely deserves the highest honour the criminal United States can bestow! Without HBL the USA would not have been able to create the oppressed, socially locked down, permanently warring world we live in today – we know how much you ‘enjoy’ having your genitals groped at airports and your personal communications intercepted and trawled by the NSA, CIA and Google!

Benazir Bhutto
Benazir Bhutto

However, the spanner in this belated announcement is the FACT that Bin Laden was murdered in 2003 by ISI agents acting on behalf of the CIA – a fact confirmed on public record by former Pakistani president Benazir Bhutto, who was never prone to delusional lapses! [She was assassinated by the same forces soon after making this announcement.]

Obaa’maa’s announcement promises to be at least as absurd as the Rumsfeld statement about WMD in Iraq, “we know Saddam has weapons of mass destruction because he just has;” that gem is also on public record!

Have you ever wondered why civilian sniper deaths, triggering Middle East and North African revolts (and attempted revolts in Iran) have always been conveniently captured for Youtube; notwithstanding the fact that a gunshot is a split second event and offers no prior warning?

Absurdity stacked upon absurdity and fabrication upon LIE! Nonetheless, Americans will swallow this transparent political circus performance as they have with the ridiculous government report on 9/11 – believe that and you would believe anything!

Similar to the ‘overkill’ of US military manufactured anthrax spores that murdered US citizens after 9/11, this latest event promises to backfire.

Consider the fact that the US is conveniently in possession of HBL’s body (ridiculous) and has conducted “DNA tests,” to verify they’ve had his body on ice for years, waiting for the most urgent political need – US child-killing wars are going VERY badly indeed -- to announce Bin Laden’s death!

It is hardly worth mentioning that the USA never had any hard evidence whatsoever linking Bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks, he was not even listed by the FBI as wanted for that attack; so go back to sleep with your eyes wide open Amerika – “we know he has weapons of mass destruction because he just has!” [War criminal Rumsfeld is still at large waiting for Amerika to wake from its stupor and hold him and others accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity!]

BTW, we were waiting to see the response of the USA after the OBVIOUS, un-mandated, FAILED ASSASSINATION attempt on Gaddafi which resulted instead in a heinous WAR CRIME – the brutal murder of three of his INNOCENT and very young grandchildren! So LET’S DEMAND SOME REAL JUSTICE while NATO's CRIME continues to bleed in all our faces! Of course, I am referring my appeal for JUSTICE to the International Community/world, America is completely LOST! [Are you reading this Russia and China or are you still searching for your spines?]

[An INDEPENDENT autopsy and FORENSIC examination of the long frozen body would assist in selling this preposterous story to a cynical public. Also of interest to analysts is the pains to which the Corporate mass media are going to sell the story; read the press' very forced phraseology and gross 'beat-ups' carefully.]

A very tired clip of 'Hollywod' Bin Laden

'Hollywood' Osama Bin Laden
'Hollywood' Osama Bin Laden

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