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Watch me pull an Obama popularity boost out of my Bin Laden
by staff report via bullwinkle - AFP via Herald Sun Wednesday, May 4 2011, 10:12am
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Obama polls surge after bin Laden

Obama's approval rating surged 11 points after Bin Laden raid and extra-judicial killing. However, no real proof of US claims has been furnished to date; the lack of REAL evidence is becoming problematic! Nevertheless, the popularity result proves that the mindless American masses believe whatever their media tells them!

Good job Rupert and other media moguls on the CFR .

PRESIDENT Barack Obama has received a big boost following the US military raid that killed al-Qa'ida leader Osama bin Laden, with his approval rating surging 11 points, a new poll shows.

The survey conducted by the New York Times and CBS News found that 57 per cent of respondents approved of the President's job performance, compared to 46 per cent last month.

The biggest upward bump came from Republicans with 72 per cent approving of the way Mr Obama was handling the threat of terrorism. Asked the same question back in August, only 51 per cent of those asked said they approved.

The poll was in line with survey results released on Tuesday by The Pew Research Center and The Washington Post, which found that Mr Obama's approval ratings rose this week to 56 per cent, from 47 in April.

The CBS-New York Times telephone poll, which surveyed 532 adults on Monday and Tuesday, found that more than eight in 10 supported Mr Obama's handling of the pursuit of bin Laden, who was cornered and killed in a pre-dawn raid on Monday at his hideout in Pakistan.

The poll showed that much of the boost in Mr Obama's ratings came from Republicans and independents.

Among independents, his approval rating increased 11 points from last month, to 52 per cent, while among Republicans it rose 15 points, to 24 per cent.

Democrats, meanwhile, supported Mr Obama's job performance by 86 per cent, compared with 79 per cent last month.

The poll showed continuing unease over the economy, however, with just 34 per cent saying they approved of how Mr Obama was grappling with the nation's high jobless rate, debt crisis and rising gas prices.

Last month, 38 per cent said they approved of his performance on the economy.

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