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Irrelevant Bin Laden event Backgrounds Critically Important News
by Kane Wednesday, May 4 2011, 12:04pm
international / mass media / commentary

Are we so easily duped and distracted that we would allow a largely irrelevant, manufactured 'terrorist' to sideline Fukushima Corporate radiation, which is slowly but surely poisoning the globe; or allow a strategic popularity grab, by Obama's handlers, to steer us away from NATO war crimes in Libya; or divert us from pursing Banking elites that plunged the world into economic chaos and massive 'stimulus' debt to the same banks; or allow puppet governments to implement the Goldman Sachs Carbon Tax on citizens while Corporations receive carbon subsidies?

Corporates in Australia, which are making record profits, are currently squealing like stuck pigs because workers are demanding a fair share of the wealth they generate.

These are just a few RELEVANT and socially important issues that have been pushed into the shadows by the concerted Bin Laden global media blitz. I would empahsise a report from a Taliban leader in Afghanistan who expressed surprise that Bin Laden had been alive these past few years. His view demonstrates the degree of 'relevance' this Hollywood CIA asset presents today -- the man dead or alive is IRRELEVANT, pure and simple!

Spare a thought for degrading genital groping at airports by government employees and the loss of numerous liberties and personal privacy. American society is locked down like never before and this Saudi/Yemeni clown/terrorist is presented to us as somehow important or relevant! Who gives a fuck? However, if Bin Laden has any social significance at all, then the USA should cease prosecuting its war on 'terror' -- mission finally accomplished.

Note that it is the USA that emphasises Bin Laden's irrelevance today by repeatedly stating that "nothing changes" as a result of his murder. Either Bin Laden is as critically important as media hype would have us believe or he's irrelevant -- the mass media can't have it both ways.

It is time to refocus and think on issues that MATTER to us and our respective communities.

You tell me how criminal governments can come up smelling roses because an irrelevant CIA asset has been terminated -- give yourselves a break, sheeple!

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