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'Internet in a Suitcase'
by nano Monday, Jun 13 2011, 11:03am
international / mass media / commentary

The trillions in DEBT Obama administration has just spent more money it doesn’t have (over $50m) – keep printing Ben -- in a desperate bid to maintain its version of reality in nations that wish to preserve their cultural integrity. A portable peer (with satellite link) communications apparatus, dubbed, “internet in a suitcase,” is being developed by misguided enthusiasts and techno freaks for LYING, criminal American agencies and the Pentagon mis/disinformation arm – I would certainly think twice before assisting KNOWN civilian killing criminal governments regardless of the amount of toilet paper money offered.

The government funded project is really to ensure the constant flow of US misinformation around the globe, especially in nations that refuse the US version of reality.

The ‘project’ is currently being sold to the public as a helpful device for ‘dissidents’ notwithstanding the FACT that Obama has the record for prosecuting dissident whistle blowers in the USA! The real purpose of the ‘suitcase’ device is to maintain communication links with CIA handlers and other subversive elements that wish to foment civil unrest and destabilise nations the US wishes to overthrow. The entire exercise is as transparent as a pair of whore’s knickers!

I leave you to take NOTHING at face value that issues from the KNOWN, LYING CRIMINAL White House and Pentagon. The FACT is the USA is the world’s leading civilian killing therefore terrorist nation – hence the desperate need to constantly distract with misinformation and propaganda. Remember Obama’s many pledges and promises all of which have been broken or reversed – a president without integrity and a spineless population that deserves everything it gets!

Reprehensible FRAUD, Obama, is really the champion of the neo-con Status Quo; a president you can truly believe in -- if you’re demented!

Meanwhile the global hacker community continues its campaign against the forces that really rule America, the Banking elites and Corporatists. The IMF and World Bank, two heinous slave creating institutions, have been severely compromised – who’s next?

The digital war that currently rages against the ‘man,’ against the ‘machine’ has only one outcome, those with superior skill and speed ALWAYS prevail in the digital arena. Take it under advisement you stinking criminal bastards, your END is nigh – the hacker elite is a genus, a breed that would never assist ANY criminal government.

But please do your damnedest best, you fifth raters; offer the best resistance you are able to muster and then REALISE that you and the ‘man,’ who you suck, are FUCKED!

Hack the world!

We are Many – We are ONE – we are UNSTOPPABLE!

Greetings, to all the crewz and salutations to 'ferrite,' Uber 1

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