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Lulzsec Hacks Downunder
by Natalie Apostolou via Kismo - The Register Friday, Jun 17 2011, 12:47am
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Recent hacks around the 'globe' (space is irrelevant) are designed to demonstrate a few digital REALITIES to the WORLD, not least of which is the MYTH that western governments are in control; that 'your' governments are protecting you etc, etc; nothing could be further from the TRUTH as the recent Hacks on the CIA and other MEGA Corporations (that spare no expense to safeguard their data) clearly demonstrate!


If it hasn't become apparent yet then realise NOW that the mass murdering criminals and LIARS that have hijacked western democracies are only able to wage CONVENTIONAL military and Financial WAR effectively, both of which are IRRELEVANT in Cyberspace -- LOL!

The message is clear; there is NO SECURITY in the traditional sense, only levels of SKILL, which enable those with superior skills to secure their systems and safeguard their actions/movements in Cyberspace.

It became apparent after the USAF openly advertised for hackers that the USA trailed other nations in the digital world; notwithstanding the fact that hacker groups lead nations. So welcome to the new age where SKILL prevails and the power of nation states is theoretically able to be subverted by a single individual [unprecedented in history] with SUPERIOR SKILL.

So, suck on that REALITY, you dumb, mindless, morons! [Murdering, violent brutes (e.g. US/NATO) have NEVER prevailed against BRAIN -- FACT! Now you tell me if you can see the writing on the wall?]

Arrest all Banker/Financial and Corporatist CEOs and their criminal political puppets in high office NOW, or share (see Addendum) in their fate!

If its all too much to comprehend/bear, you pathetic SLAVES, we suggest you turn on your TV and go back to bed in fantasy land, 'your government is taking care of you' -- ROFLMFAO!

If YOUR numbed, overstimulated and distracted brains are able to view the broader picture, read between the lines and see what you can see!

Report from The Register follows:

Notorious hackivist group Lulzsec has brought down Australian domain registrar and web hosts Distribute.IT and publicly published a list of 62,000 international email addresses and passwords.

The data files appear to be cobbled together from a variety of sources, but the Australian email details include a number from Australian universities and government departments including AusAID, the Victorian Department of Childhood and Early Education and several local councils in NSW and Victoria.

The Australian policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .au domain space, auDA, would not comment on the matter. The latest hack attack from LulzSec follows on from its CIA security violation yesterday.

Distribute.IT remains offline (at press time) after being initially attacked on Saturday. The immobilised company described the attack as “despicable” and is working with authorities providing usable information to locate the source.

“The extent of the attack is quite broad and recovery efforts have been underway since the Network was locked down Saturday evening (11/6/11). This attack was a deliberate aim at the Company and our clients,” the company said in a blog post.

The company is still attempting to restore services and has ceased providing any customer phone support due to the volume of service queries. It remains unclear how many customer details were compromised but initial estimates run into the thousands.

The latest update from DistributeIT stated that “engineers have confirmed that routing issues affecting some VDS clients have now been resolved and normal services returned to affected customers. Work is continuing on the recovery of the remaining shared servers, but we are still unable to provide any accurate indication of time for resolution on these.”

Meanwhile Lulzsec claims it hit 2000 downloads of their latest data heist before it was taken down.

© 2011 The Register.

It’s only a matter of TIME (is on OUR side) before the very VULNERABLE, wireless, Security Systems/Codes ‘protecting’ NUCLEAR missile military and guidance satellites are COMPROMISED – of that you can be sure!

On that FATEFUL DAY, without warning, the United States and Western Europe will CEASE to EXIST! [Warning was given numerous times but Y-O-U failed to hold the brazen mass murdering criminals in YOUR midst to account!]

Arrest the KNOWN mass murdering, criminals NOW before it’s too late for Y-O-U!

We are Many -- We are ONE -- We are UNSTOPPABLE!

Chemical WMD first ILLEGALLY deployed in the Korean War by a Frustrated USA -- nothing new here from the world's leading civilian killing, criminal nation, AMERICA! Note, that the Korean war was lost by the USA as will (all) the criminal Central Asian Wars raging today.


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U.S. builds model internet to practice cyber war
by Alastair Stevenson via reed - International Business Times Friday, Jun 17 2011, 12:28pm

Rustic yanks need all the help they can get -- they're so busy fighting ILLEGAL conventional warfare for their Corporatist masters they missed the Cyber bus by (only) 20 years!

Report follows:

The United States is reportedly building its own "scale model" of the internet to practice various scenarios in the new cyber battlefield.

The scale model will reportedly allow researchers to simulate various scenarios including cyber attacks from hacker collectives and foreign powers.

The system is being designed to function as a testing ground for various defensive and offensive technologies to aid the country in all future cyber conflicts.

The model will apparently work as a controllable mini-internet that will allow researchers to carry-out experiments without damaging the country's real network. The system will also be able to be wiped or reset after each test.

It has been reported that the system's development will be fund by the $500 million the Department of Defense has recently been allocated for the creation of new "cyber technologies".

The project is currently being overseen by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency.

The actual creation of the model will be done by several different organisations. These will include Johns Hopkins University and Lockheed Martin.

The announcement of the model internet's creation comes just after the U.S. Senate and CIA suffered attacks from the hacker collective LulzSec.

Already analysts have dubbed the announcement as the next step in the U.S.'s ongoing upgrade to its network security.

Earlier this month, the Pentagon revealed a planned proposal that would amend the country's current policy to cyber threats, making it categorise cyber attacks as acts of war.

There is currently no given date as to when the model internet will be fully functional.

© 2011 International Business Times


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