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"The only good executive is a dead executive" -- Anon
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Millions will lose their savings in a few months
by hitch Tuesday, Sep 27 2011, 10:05am
international / social/political / commentary

Trader tells it like it is, Goldman Sachs NOT (puppet) governments, Rule

Man, straight from the brutally honest trader's mouth. What he conveniently fails to mention, however, is that he is part of the sociopathic criminal milieux that brought the market down in the first instance, a delinquent action which now threatens to destroy the savings of millions of people around the globe! These rogues make 'money' whichever way the 'market' swings and fuck morality and the civilised world! And some people actually question why we promote the eradication of this clearly sick criminal class.

This video is truly shocking, it clearly reveals the 'profit at any cost' mentality of the people that brought down the global economy. The arrogance, callousness and PERVERSITY of market operators is truly staggering -- this video must be seen by EVERYONE, share it around and then join the fight to restore our democracies and regulate these lunatics.

Since this video was released and attracted global attention the 'bona fides' of the interviewed 'trader' have been questioned. Regardless of whether or not this character is who he says he is -- WHAT HE SAYS AND THE MANNER IN WHICH HE SAYS IT, IS NOT ONLY AN ACCURATE PORTRAYAL OF THE PSYCHOPATHIC 'TYPES' THAT HAVE SUBVERTED THE GLOBAL ECONOMY BUT IT IS ALSO AN ACCURATE ACCOUNT OF THE CURRENT ECONOMIC SITUATION IN EUROPE!

The warning regarding personal savings still stands. In the event that the character depicted in the video is proven to be a 'fraud,' as are the people that control the global economy, then to err on the side of caution is preferable in the circumstances.

Nonetheless, the GLOBAL economy FAILED in 2008 and has NOT recovered; the major banks remain INSOLVENT (broke) -- that is an irrefutable, provable REALITY.


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by fleet Tuesday, Sep 27 2011, 10:41pm

The linked video is a glimpse into the world of how things REALLY work.

Tony Blair is a proven WAR CRIMINAL and FACILITATOR for the global ruling elites, as the channel 4 doco highlights. Blair is a pathological liar and unrepentant war criminal. The CONSEQUENCES of his LIES can be assessed in INNOCENT HUMAN LIVES -- the civilian holocaust in Iraq and the illegal oil war he helped initiate are examples of his handiwork.

As is NOW plain to see, Banking and Oil Transnationals (Executives) are behind 'frontman' Blair and all the wars and economic chaos the WORLD is experiencing today.

It is therefore supremely clear that arresting and holding these KNOWN white collar criminals to account is IMPERATIVE if we are to RESTORE relative order and PEACE to our WORLD/societies.

When confronted with our neglected personal and social responsibilities we can take some inspiration from the youths now occupying Wall St -- if they are able to target the source of the rot and take peaceful ACTIONS, to mitigate the influence of these nefarious executives, then surely we ALL can!

Other appalling examples of political servility to the Corporate elites are Obama , Gillard, Sarkozy, Cameron, Merkel and the rest, in fact ALL western democracies have been hijacked by Banking and Transnational Corporate interests.

The video is also available for download, thanks to Tom Freely of ICH.

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