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Media Victory Overlooked
by quill Saturday, Oct 8 2011, 12:31pm
international / mass media / opinion/analysis

I would like to announce that the alternative media has just notched up ANOTHER VICTORY against its Corporate rival. Obama, in his latest press conference was forced to answer questions on the 'OccupyWallStreet' protests -- that event follows coverage by the mass media, which had previously maintained a strict media blackout on all coverage of the protest movement. How does it feel now, lamers, outwitted again?

We are too busy to gloat but we take time to remind and congratulate every alternative media outlet that maintained ongoing coverage of the protest movement.

While everyone was fascinated with the protest event few were focused on the concurrent media war, which we won hands down.

A final message to Rupert and his CFR mates -- you are losing and will continue to be outmaneuvered at every turn. You didn't even see this one coming!

I would also like to draw attention to the TACTIC that forced Reuters to first cover the protest -- it was the CONFRONTATION with POLICE on the Brooklyn Bridge, which ended with over 700 arrests, something Reuters found impossible to ignore - the corporate herd then followed.

I would also like to inform the 'space cadets' in the movement that think they can make omelets without breaking 'eggs' -- it was the confrontation and resulting huge arrest count that did the trick, dreamboats!

Good work and congratz to all the hubs. You see, it's not a thankless job after all.


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bubbles for the bath water
by fran Saturday, Oct 8 2011, 10:13pm

thanks, i guess the value in your citation/observation is that the myth of an 'all powerful' mass media has been shattered. The mass media is losing its grip on the cultural consciousness. Today it is easily countered by popular independents, alternative sources and the flood of personal messaging. Indeed, it was forced to join the chorus and bend to the popular voice/discourse.

the people will be heard.

if media moguls do not wake up to the facts and refrain from their transparent attempts at social manipulation they will become irrelevant and what is irrelevant soon fades away -- after first losing zillions in advertising revenue.

a prophetic statement perhaps but we are dealing with a group that insists on utilizing antiquated methods -- puerile titillation, sensationalism, glaring omissions, feeble manipulations and outright lies/propaganda.

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